In the absence of attractive premises, the credibility or visibility of a small business very often depends on its website. To get information and find a Kyrgyzstan Email Lists provider, to get an idea of ​​the cost, how many are we starting our research on the internet? Appearing in this type of research is vital for many small companies by allowing them to obtain spontaneous new business development opportunities.

Nevertheless, a website optimized in terms of referencing ( SEO )is often the prerogative of large companies with a long-standing presence in their markets and on the internet. One of the aspects taken into account by Google’s algorithms in its ranking is the number of links that point to the websites in question. This criterion obviously favors sites enjoying a strong notoriety, sites that make people want to refer to them, it is therefore important to take care of the quality of its content!

A Rather Tedious Practice

The main disadvantage of this method to gain SEO is the time required to submit your site to multiple directories. Indeed, each submission of a website is conditioned by a manual validation by the person in charge of the directory. For your site to be accepted, it must have an adequate title and unique description. In order to submit your site to 100 directories, you will therefore need to write 100 unique descriptions of your site!

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The uniqueness of these descriptions aims to avoid the detection of copies by Google (“duplicate content”), which would penalize your referencing. It is therefore interesting to take the opportunity to vary your keywordsand gain in referencing in different business segments. Also note that most directories require a minimum of characters to validate your description. It is therefore a particularly time-consuming job …

Avoid Duplicate Content

There are many directory listings available on the internet, and a simple search should give you access to plenty of listings. However, not all directories are created equal and it is more interesting to be listed in quality directories. To identify these, target primarily historical directories and use a solution to avoid “duplicate content” by integrating deep links to your site, often synonymous with a useful directory.

Finally, some directories are free, others require a back link (link on your website pointing to the directory), and some are chargeable. If each case must be studied, working primarily on free directories that do not require a back link seems the most suitable solution for the referencing of a company’s website even if some directories can take months to accept your site. ! We must therefore arm ourselves with patience and courage to succeed in this thankless task which will bear fruit in the medium long term. We look forward to discussing this topic with you,

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