We’re not here to talk politics or sociology, though;). Neither are we here to take moral Dominica Email List and consider our parents or elders for old idiots. We are here to introduce you and prepare you for this digital transformation!

We would like to share with you a video that we made for one of our clients, and at the same time, decipher these emerging social and technological changes.

Feedback On The Different Concepts Presented In The Video

As you can see in the video, we are witnessing the emergence of new work organizations that are based on collective intelligence and collaborative work. From new methods of financing and creation are also flourishing.

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Today we favor use over possession. Companies are therefore required to rethink their internal functioning (= more horizontal organization) and thus meet the needs and expectations of all users. Production and consumption methods are also evolving and that is why we can speak of the 3 rd industrial revolution while keeping a critical eye, without giving in to panic … (We invite you to read the our druid’s article “It is Gold to transform” )

Copass Is A Global Network For Finding Coworking Space.

Carpooling : Joint and organized use of a car by several passengers in order to make a common journey. In 2014 30% of motorists had already experimented with carpooling as a driver or passenger. The leader of the sector in France Blablacar would have reached 10 million users last September.

Intermediation platform or “on demand” platform: Generic platform used to ensure global transactions, exchange documents, EDI documents with partners without having to invest in a specialized server. For example, IdeXlab has launched an intermediation platform serving open innovation.

Collaborative Economy : Formed by collaborative consumption, distributed production, participatory finance and open knowledge education, it was born thanks to digital and social innovation. The key word is: SHARE RATHER THAN OWN.


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