For several months, the firm has been Belgium WhatsApp Number List on sustainable digital, a carbon assessment has been carried out within the firm using the methodology of Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) . The Morning Talk was an opportunity to come back to this work. Philippe Kalousdian began by explaining why the firm took an interest in this subject: “Naturally, our specialty is not sustainable development, we carry out strategy missions with management and digital transformation missions but we have seen the emergence of subjects related to sustainable development. Many things surprised us and we wanted to make up our minds on the most important variable, the greenhouse gas.

With this research, we discovered the legal obligation to carry out a carbon footprint, mandatory for companies with 500 people. A carbon footprint has been carried out internally. ” The Morning talk was therefore an opportunity to present the carbon footprint carried out by ISLEAN. Amr Armani presented the 2019 report carried out using the method proposed by Ademe: three scopes established by the agency, the first two are mandatory Other indirect emissions: this scope is therefore optional and its scope is not imperative In this type of exercise, the most important is not the number obtained but the reduction plan put in place.

An internal carbon footprint at ISLEAN

In 2018, according to studies by the Shift Project, digital technology represented 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the amount of energy it consumes is increasing by 9% each year. Digital technology could reduce energy costs and emissions in many sectors such as energy, transport or agriculture by facilitating information sharing, optimizing networks and dematerializing services. However, new technologies, through the comfort they offer, also lead to an increase in consumption – known as the rebound effect – which is then accompanied by an increase in emissions. It is therefore essential to assess the environmental impact of digital technology in order to check that its use makes it possible


to reduce emissions or to be aware of emitting more CO2 for an overall benefit justifying it. In this sense, the work carried out leads us to believe that it is mandatory to assess the impacts of digital technology on GHG emissions. We will be obliged to take into account the impact of all our activities on GHG emissions, including IS / digital / IT / digital. This fact is a major strategic direction.
Companies, which want to benefit from this program to their employees. Our offer is particularly relevant in a context of teleworking with fewer moments of disconnection, an impoverished sport, more meals to prepare from home, more people present at home (children, students, spouse), and impacts on quality of sleep.

Digital gains and environmental impacts

Accelerate marketing to companies on the various channels with a spontaneous “fit-to-market”. International development: France is perhaps the most difficult market to launch this type of product because our society is not used to paying for its health, let alone its prevention. But people’s expectations are changing with an obvious grip on the part of individuals. The objective is to succeed in France and to succeed in other European countries where prevention is more developed. I have met a lot of profiles of different entrepreneurs. I think the common denominator is to be passionate and to love long-distance running! Having a vision, believing in it, having a good capacity for work.

Insurance companies interested in improving biological markers and building the loyalty of their members via a service that allows them to improve their well-being and ultimately their health. What are the plans for the future? Two main objectives: but also knowing how to surround yourself well, is important. The good points are that you can orient the tone of the company, its values, choose what you want to bring to your customers, employees, etc. The more trying side is that we are often alone at the helm. Beyond passion, it is therefore necessary to last over time. No matter how much we have the best idea, it’s also a question of luck, quality of execution, ability to build a good team.

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