On March 6, 2013, Gartner published a study on the budgets allocated to digital marketing (United States) during the year 2012. Today we are Jordan Email List an article to our blog, part of this study also highlighted the health sector. Share of sales dedicated to Marketing. This study first looked at the Marketing budget of the companies questioned. They spent an average of 10.4% of their turnover on Marketing operations (this includes traditional Marketing activities, Digital Marketing, and associated salaries).

The study also shows that for the year 2013, the Marketing budgets of the companies questioned will increase by 6% on average. These data are compared with the sectors of the companies questioned, so we learn that in the field of health, companies dedicate 9.2% of their budget to Marketing, and that on average this will increase by 5% for year 2013. The healthcare industries have on average a budget dedicated to digital marketing of 2.2% of their turnover.

Allocation Of The Digital Pharma Marketing Budget

Unsurprisingly, the 4 elements absorbing the most budget allocated to digital marketing are online advertising, content creation and distribution, online search marketing, and corporate website design and maintenance costs. . It is interesting to note that the importance of creating content in these budgets. In 2013, the strongest increases will be the optimization of existing accounts, the use of mobiles, the use of social networks and the creation / distribution of content. Also, 41% of people questioned during this study reveal that they have made savings thanks to digital marketing compared to traditional techniques.

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This study also includes the percentage of companies that have used subcontractors for their digital marketing activities . Half of the companies surveyed have outsourced Internet search marketing, 46% have outsourced online advertising, 45% have outsourced mobile marketing, 37% have outsourced their emailing campaign, and 36 % have outsourced the creation and distribution of content.

Outsourcing Of Digital Marketing Activities

Employees in charge of Digital Marketing: 70% of the companies surveyed reveal that at least one person internally is dedicated to Digital Marketing. In terms of organization, in 80% of cases this employee is dependent on the Marketing department, and in 18% of cases, attached to the IT department. The internal mission is often to plan and make the user experience consistent across the different channels (social media, mobile, website, etc.), to use internal and external data to better understand customers, and to support traditional Marketing campaigns.

Often the source of overall savings, which can be partly subcontracted and complement the work of internal employees, digital marketing is becoming a habit for industrial groups and pharma does not ignore this rule. We also believe that 2013 will validate this trend with the rise of collaborative patient / doctor / industrial platforms in pharma and health. You can find the original study here. Do not hesitate to contact our digital pharma marketing agency for your projects!


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