Adopt the right reflexes to manage your personal data, your data consumption and Taiwan Email Lists to disconnect. Since our early childhood, many rules of life have been instilled in us in the family, school or professional context to teach us to behave alone or in society. In the digital age, new rules of life apply.

Privacy: Big Brother is watching you
The emergence of social networks and big data to change our perception of privacy. We share everything, anywhere and anyhow without worrying about the consequences. Some companies, on the lookout for new data to hyper-personalize their offers, sometimes use this data without our knowing our goodwill. What measures should we take to ensure the security of our data? With this in mind, the European Parliament has recently put in place a set of measures: right to be forgotten, limit on profiling, more transparency towards those who have our data, etc.

Everything Is In The Cloud… Or Not

Storage techniques have evolved a lot: floppy disk, hard disk, USB key… Today the trend is towards the cloud: with online storage solutions, many options are available to us for limit loss or theft of files. Of course, the cloud is a storage solution, but it is not without risk.

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The digitization of society leads us to believe that there is no environmental impact on the planet mass, on the contrary: saturation of servers, overconsumption of energy, problem of recycling certain devices … Adopting good practices on a daily basis such as turning off your phone or avoiding standby mode is essential for respecting the environment.

Disconnecting To Reconnect Better

Notifications have invaded our daily lives both in personal and professional life: emails, texts, social networks … By seeking to be as informed as possible about the lives of our loved ones, current events in the world or even in monitoring projects in business, it is difficult today to think of disconnecting. We are more and more mobile thanks to new technologies and smartphones have amplified this phenomenon of hyper connection. But at what cost ?

Dehumanization of human relationships, social pressure, burnout… The consequences can be harmful for our well-being and our balance.The tourism and travel sector has understood this and offers digital detox stays to cut yourself off from it all. Since last January, the right to disconnect has entered into force in the labor law to limit the encroachment of professional life on private life. 50A offers you the time of a workshop to reflect together on the behaviors to adopt for a good digital hygiene .

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