For the fourth edition of the Gran Armenia WhatsApp Number List Club, we are celebrating the first year of our website dedicated exclusively to the Club with the traditional entrepreneur notebook where we have gathered the interviews conducted in 2020 with 11 entrepreneurs who shared their adventure and their project with us. . You will also find the voting form to elect the Favorite Entrepreneur, the Innovative Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 from among 9 candidates: Skyboy | François-Xavier Goemaere: Watching videos superimposed perfectly on the real environment Our site will also allow you to take news from Almuni. It’s been 4 years of the Club and we are proud to have met so many entrepreneurs.

Since 2020, we have been receiving regular news from us alumni to share them with you in our “Where are they now?” Section . ” This year, 6 alumni share news of their adventure: We had the hope of meeting you again this year around a cocktail reception to celebrate the 4th edition of the Club. The pandemic willed otherwise, but we do not allow ourselves to be beaten so easily. This is why we have decided to keep the format completely digital, as in 2020. We first decided to bring the candidates to you: our candidates have indeed prepared a video to make the traditional pitch and share it with you.

Digital Grain Club 2021: the new Eldorado

Then, we organized 3 webinars with our candidates and an alumni as well as a round table, with very special guests, followed by the awards ceremony. Take a look at the weeks of June 21 and June 28 below. The detailed program is on the Club website and webinar registrations are opening Bring Your Own Device, in French “bring your personal equipment” is a trend that consists of bringing your personal computer equipment to your workplace for personal use. Employees are then reimbursed for the use of their equipment (eg € 50 per month) and use is fully permitted by URSSAF .


The battery of a laptop computer begins to age beyond 500 charge cycles, which is less than 1.5 years assuming one charge per day. Of course, this does not mean that the battery is dead and that it should absolutely be changed, but that it begins to lose autonomy. On its machines built after 2008, Apple considers that a battery is used around a thousand charge cycles . As we have seen, the manufacture of the battery represents only 6% of the onboard emissions of a laptop computer, and changing the battery can seriously contribute inexpensively to breathe new life into an aging machine.

Who says competition says award ceremony

The video with the most votes and views will receive the Best Pitch award . Videos are available on the club site! In addition to its many advantages , BYOD means that we only have one machine for both the pro and the personal. The emissions for which I am responsible for the manufacture of the computer equipment that I use are therefore halved . Less emissions and less electronic waste. In a model of society that still pushes us to consume and throw away rather than repair, this advice may be harder to hear. While the life of the other components is longer than that of the battery, one can wonder about the interest of replacing an entire machine because the battery reaches the end of its life after 2-3 years of normal use. .

Computer hard drives are divided into sectors. The operating system brings these sectors together to form blocks , or clusters. A file can be spread over several blocks, not necessarily contiguous. A bit as if the different parts of a document (a file) were contained in different drawers (the blocks) of the same cabinet (the hard disk), thus increasing the time required to access the complete file. This is called fragmentation . On Windows systems, as files are modified, deleted, copied, fragmentation increases. This is one of the reasons why machines running Windows seem slower and slower as they age. From time to time it is therefore

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