Expected to succeed 4G, 5G is fast approaching. This fifth generation should be gradually operational from 2020. Its deployment is seriously questioned because there are concerns about the health of the population. However, this new mobile network technology presents huge digital challenges. Your digital agency can provide you with details. Connected objects Our world will revolve around gadgets from next year. These are the designs of the latter that will multiply: according to forecasts, connected objects will increase from 700 million currently, to 3.2 billion in 2023. The relationship with technology will take on a new dimension for mobile users when it was already very substantial.

“5G is a bit like the El Dorado of connected objects. It was largely designed to facilitate exchanges between connected objects. ” Jean Managing Director of Qualcomm France. The data collection The switch to 5G will bring digital technology into a new era. The only point capable of tainting the progress of this technology will be regulations. But, the Data Protection Regulation will probably be circumvented thanks to the general conditions, too long to be read by Internet users. Then your preferences will remain linked to your environment and data collection will be significantly faster. This will result in more developed and precise advertising targeting, which will use demographic, behavioral or even geolocation information. Digital banner ads are already being studied.

Augmented reality

While the wait will no longer be an issue for downloads or live streams, expect to see users hungry for video content, with declining bounce rates, in addition to increasing click-through rates. Indeed, according to estimates by the company the click-through Mexico Phone Number rate on video publications will drop from an estimated average of between 2 and 6% to 22%. Immersive interaction will soon have no more barriers, and even more creative content in Virtual Reality or 4K for example, will be more frequent. Augmented reality We were discussing this subject a short time ago. With 5G, interest will grow and it will be much easier to access. So much so that, according to consultant in digital transformation and Offer manager Media & Telecoms at mc2i Groupe.

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In conclusion Without the arrival of 5G, the flow of data, in continuous increase, would have saturated the web. In addition, improving connectivity is all the more a priority, when we see that the French use the internet more and more, spending almost 3 hours a day. Conflicts of interest around possible health risks will not prevent its deployment, because 5G will take us into a new digital and economic dimension. Your digital agency remains at your disposal if you wish to develop your strategy and benefit from expert advice. Your SMO agency is at your disposal, if you want to develop your digital strategy, do not hesitate to contact them. Still, these data are quite mind-blowing. Arrived in May 2018 for English speakers, Smart Compose is now available in French. In addition, the ratio of email accounts will drop from 1.75 to 1.86 per user.

The data collection

Virtual reality 5G will encourage the emergence of a phenomenon: interactive advertising formats. Estimates of increases that most certainly drove Google made these changes. And above all, do not hesitate to contact your digital agency if you wish to receive support from specialists. The Mountain View firm is embarking on a new project! Justin Schuh, director of privacy and security engineering at Google Chrome announced in a report , published on August 22, 2019: the American giant is currently developing a project around advertising content and the protection of private life. Your agency, specialized in paid referencing , gives you more details. Privacy Sandbox: a better preserved web environment The privacy of its users is a priority.

Google’s new technology is an API that will continue to bring user data to advertisers, but without it being too personal. Concretely, Privacy Sandbox would put an end to personal targeting in order to make way for more group targeting. These target user groups will therefore be more vague, but according to Google, this apparently would not prevent advertisers from targeting. In addition, the advertising giant wants to set up a “privacy budget”. The idea is to reduce the reception of advertisements for users, limiting the possibilities of advertisers. Then, as its name suggests.

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