Before seeking a treatment, one of the Ukraine Phone Number List levers used to contain an epidemic is the implementation of measures to limit its spread. The benchmark for estimating a virus’s propensity to spread is the baseline reproduction rate or Ro. The Ro corresponds to the average number of individuals infected with the same carrier of the virus. This indicator reflects both the virality of a virus (its natural ability to spread) and the efforts made locally to limit its spread (the Ro can vary greatly from one country to another). For information: the estimate of Ro for COVID-19 is between 1.4 and 2.5 (WHO estimate on a global scale).

By way of comparison, that of H1N1 was between 1 and 2. After this epidemiological parenthesis, I come back to digital with a banality that must be said here: pixels do not make you sick . In other words, digital technologies offer a great opportunity not to meet us, or to put it less ironically, to keep a social distanceessential in epidemic situations: telecommuting, online shopping, online education and even… online parties . It is difficult today to estimate the impact of dematerialization on the decrease in the basic reproduction rate of the coronavirus, however, let us note that it has never been so easy and not painful to quarantine … When information circulates faster than the epidemic Spanish flu – telecommunications

When Information Circulates Faster

saturation Telecommunications saturation in Canada due to the Spanish flu In March 1918, the Spanish flu made its first victims in the United States. The first wave of victims is impressive but not enough to worry health authorities who believe they are dealing with a seasonal flu. It was only 6 months later that the first warning messages would be sent to the general public: at that point the epidemic had already become a pandemic. The reaction time of the American health authorities at the time seems ridiculously long to us today and yet we can imagine the calculation made at the time: the cost of a communication and awareness campaign was then incomparably higher to reach final less people. Today, the democratization of

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information technologies allows a majority of peopleto access information produced by anyone and often at a ridiculous cost . More generally, digital technology makes it possible to decentralize information sources , so much so that even when epidemics break out in authoritarian states whose tendency is to withhold information, whistleblowers like Li Wenliang can take the lead. relay. Datanalyser to better anticipate Do you know Healthmap ? This is an initiative launched by the “Computational Epidemiology Lab” and which, in 2009, enabled the emergence of an epidemic in Mexico City to be detected very early on: H1N1. The principle of Healthmap: search, identify and consolidate on a map health alerts from the web (social

Datanalyser To Better Anticipate

networks, newspaper articles, etc.) and this automatically. Thanks to Machine Learning and on the basis of these geolocated alerts, Healthmap succeeds in identifying patterns betraying the emergence of new epidemic centers. In addition to that, this tool is freely accessible for consultation (useful at the moment to follow the evolution of the coronavirus in real time). Healthmap is just one example of the new applications of Big data and AI to identify outbreaks as early as possible. December 31, 2019some ingredients similar to those encountered during SARS ”. Some time later and in particular by crossing the parameters of the virus

(virality, modes of transmission, source foci, etc.) with air traffic data, BlueDot succeeds in predicting the spread of the virus in Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, etc. teams: “if you are not mistaken, it is because you did not go far enough and hard enough” . Our environment requires the search for rapid growth and this goes hand in hand with a certain risk-taking. It’s a change of model that I really like and that makes me feel fulfilled. The life of a start-up today is to be passionate, sometimes to know how to be a little resilient but to be able to move forward with an ambition in mind and a level of sharing that I find fascinating.

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