This does not Guatemala Phone Numbers List mean that the author has received a formal education or diplomas, but that this is not his first try and that the majority of his articles are documented, sourced, allowing verification of each information provided. Authority : The author must be a person well known on the subject or in his industry. For Google Quality Raters, that doesn’t mean the author has to have 100,000 Twitter followers, although that doesn’t hurt. This could mean that the author or publication has won awards in their industry or been featured in major specialist media, making them an authority on the subject.

Reliability : It must be proven that the content of the website can be trusted. Quality Raters examine reliability by looking at the website as a whole. They endeavor to find confidentiality policies, editorial policies, legal notices, author pages, biographies and precise texts on the security of the site (for an e-commerce for example). Google’s Quality Raters use this acronym to confirm that Google ranks high-quality websites above lower-quality, less reliable websites. How does Google’s algorithm evaluate the EAT? We know that Google’s Quality Raters are supposed to rate search results for the EAT, but does Google’s algorithm actually rate the EAT too? Surprisingly, Google has given us the answer to this question.

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In a white paper published in February 2019, Google confirmed that EAT factors are part of its algorithm. Unfortunately, this white paper didn’t tell us what the exact ranking factors are that influence the EAT. google-takes-into-account-eat google-takes-into-account-eat-suite To determine the ranking factors that go into the EAT assessment, we may collate this information by taking into account, in addition, Danny Sullivan’s Twitter ads. It is important to note that Google Quality Raters do not directly affect Google’s algorithm when it comes to EAT.

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They exist to ensure that the pages Google displays in its SERPs meet EAT guidelines. Danny Sullivan likens it to a food critic: the critic doesn’t cook the food, but tells the chef whether the food is good or not. Finally, note that in the screenshot of the Google document above, the Californian company declares that PageRank plays a role in the measurement of the EAT . Indeed, in the first paragraph below the title in green “How do Google’s algorithms assess expertise, authority, and trustworthiness? Google explains that PageRank is used to determine and understand the degree of authority of a web page. Long live backlinks! EAT and YMYL One thing is clear in the Medic Update: The EAT affects the Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) websites a lot.

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This is because Google said that YMYL websites have higher page quality standards than non-YMYL sites because these sites can have a bigger impact on people’s lives. meme-medic-update When deploying Google Medic Update, American SEO consultant Marie Haynes noticed that YMYL websites were more affected than others. In a blog post, Marie posted screenshots of YMYL websites that saw their traffic drop dramatically as a result of the Medic Update. drop-traffic-seo-medic-update To complete this demonstration.

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable had also noticed, through a study conducted on nearly 300 websites, that among YMYL sites, those on health were more affected than others (41.5%). google medic update site keys If you’re not sure what type of website Google classifies as YMYL, the California-based company gives us a pretty precise definition. YMYL websites are “websites that have a potential impact on the future happiness, health, financial stability or security of users”. Google also gives specific examples of this type of site: Pages relating to financial transactions. Financial information pages. Medical information pages. Legal information pages. Important news articles or public .

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