If you have a website and want to analyze your data there is a good chance that you will use Google’s solution but do you know that there are other alternatives? This week the 50A microphone interviewed Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List 
de Vries , visual / design thinker and co-worker of the agency. Discover design thinking , this method straight out of the United States that could well upset the traditional way of designing and producing objects and services.

The first phase of the process is to test all the pages on your site that are generating significant traffic among the target segments. These pages must be linked to your conversion goal, that is to say included in the purchase process (page: finalize the order) or lead generation (page: send the request). The pages which are at the end of the funnel (Ex: Home> Product> Cart> Purchase ..) are more qualified and therefore represent a higher conversion rate if the target is correctly determined.

What Is The Function Of Design Thinking?

Design thinking helps clarify the complexity. We live in a very complex world and design thinking takes into account human needs , economic reality and technological feasibility in order to produce and invent new services and new objects.

Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List

There is a more psychological angle than with traditional design methods. In fact, when an ordinary industrialist produces an object, he does not necessarily think about the needs of the users, while the human being is at the center of the questions of design thinking. Design thinking therefore helps answer the question: What product or service do I want to invent? taking into account many parameters.

How Can Design Thinking Help Businesses?

Design thinking can help companies because what results from design thinking cannot be copied as easily as an object produced in an industrial, traditional way. This method is very useful when the company is facing a product or service launch, facing strong competition or facing declining sales.

Design thinking is a holistic approach that takes into account a number of important parameters and a very broad context. European companies are unfortunately not yet ready to use this method from a structural and organizational point of view. The leaders are afraid that it is not framed and that there will be no result at the end. I hope that in the coming years companies will open up to this method so that it can spread.
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