Our client wishes to promote his Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List within the framework of the future Olympic Games which will be held in Paris in 2024. In a context of strong strategic importance, our client wishes to design value-added services to earn points with his end clients. Within the sales department, a cross-functional team has been set up to steer discussions around the customer experience and the services to be developed during the games. We work with this team to design and run the innovative service design system in a collective intelligence approach , by federating siled professions around a common objective and by promoting the expertise of the company. Step 0: create a framework conducive to the emergence of ideas

Teams must be allowed to put themselves in the shoes of their end customers, to identify their needs and serve them better. The preparatory work consisted in creating 6 personae (fictitious person who represents a target group) and in making them live key moments (concrete situation, experience or interaction lived by a customer with the brand) which, according to the considered persona, will give a unique customer journey . This means being able to address 80% of situations without focusing on too specific cases. Workshop 1: a brainstorm to bring out as many ideas as possible Containment requires, this first workshop took place online.

Context and objectives of the assignment

The opportunity to discover new tools and to train! After creating the personas and having them validated by our client, we chose the tool and initialized the environments. Our choice fell on the Miro tool . Each key moment experienced by our personae is a source of emotions. Emotions reveal needs and needs call for solutions . It is on this basis that we have worked with the teams, so that they can identify everything that can provide a solution to these needs. The challenge of this workshop is to bring out all the ideas: it is essential not to restrain yourself and to write down all the ideas you have, even the craziest


Do not deal with the feasibility of the idea at this stage , this will be seen in the following workshops. In order not to lose sight of the persona and so that the services envisaged are always in response to an identified need, we have chosen to place the persona at the center of the workshop support. Workshop participants had to write their ideas for solutions on post-its (digital!) And position them in the “Solutions” section. . digital workshop 1 result With 3 groups each working on 2 people, this first workshop identified 158 departments . We will have to skim all that! Workshop 2: qualification of services according to their benefits Between workshops 1 and 2, we worked on the product of workshop 1. We classified the services into

create a framework conducive to the emergence

families, grouped the redundant services together. First, there is preparatory work: classifying the services by family of and grouping the redundant services together. The choice was made to retain only innovative services, so we qualified them by level of innovation (disruption, incremental, non-innovative) and by nature (use, technological, social). From 158 services, we now go to 37! These 37 services will be the raw material for our second workshop. We must now qualify them more precisely. We have chosen 2 axes for the first part of this workshop: The customer benefits by customer typology (end customer, internal customer,

regulatory authority …) according to a value of 0 to 3 for each client and a qualitative explanation The level of autonomy : does setting up this service require calling on external partners? In the same way, position the cursor on a scale from 0 to 3 and give a qualitative explanation. Then, in plenary session, we reproduced the production of each group of participants on a matrix that positions the services according to their level of customer benefit and their level of autonomy. The result of the live playback : Positioning of services on a matrix Then, in the second part of the workshop, we qualify the nugget services according to their level of frugality (in money, energy, etc.) from 0 to 3 and an explanation of the level of frugality.

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