The story is long to tell, so I am going to set about explaining to you how a small Uruguay Email List initiated a change of course in 2 years (places, sectors, economic model, governance …)

2 years ago, the pastures from above, which had given a maximum of food to our entire ecosystem, began to show their limits, both in variety and in quantity… We said to each other: “it’s time to find new pastures for our flock and go down from the mountain to the plain ” The metamorphosis was in order. Go to new lands and new territories to explore, share, sketch, exchange … in order to find our destiny.

In A Society That No Longer Creates Jobs

The sale is the essential support of the craft industry and the trade. Vast mission commensurate with our values, our commitment and our identity. We have chosen to relaunch the trading houses and to restore the image of the Commercial agent.

Uruguay Email List

We therefore decided to open a place, in order to re-enchant the sale and glorify our territories. At the moment, we are not giving you the name or address. We are keeping a little mystery about this new project, but we can already tell you that we are going to move… # teasing Help artisans and traders to distribute their products, promote their know-how and their territories.

Many People Will Have To Invent Their Own.

All employees can participate in the company’s online reputation, this has been called “employee advocacy” . The objective is to mobilize all employees to transform them into ambassadors in their professional life but sometimes also in their personal lives. The walls are porous.

According to Jean-Michel Billaut, France: “still has work to do. “He points to many difficulties, such as the large number of officials, the different administrative strata,” an absolutely incredible magma “, and the widespread use of the famous Cerfa. For him: “the French alone will not be able to get by. “

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