The duration of the course is approximately one hour and the only thing.  You need to register is to enter the page and register by creating. Therefore,   An account or through your social networks. If you want to take the course, click here Thousand Free Courses. Google Analytics google analytics free digital marketing courses Google.  Analytics is the tool that everyone needs to measure. The attendance of users and the popularity of your website. It is mainly aimed at companies, marketers.  Therefore, Webmasters and digital marketing experts are the ones.  Who need a more advanced tool to control the traffic. They generate on their page. Accessing this information is free and.  The access steps are very simple. You only need to go to the Google Analytics page.  Through the link that Mil Cursos Gratis offers you.

Then log in with your Google email or create an account and.  You will receive the information from Analytics about each of your websites. You can even set the language of your preference. In addition, there is a one-hour guided video Cyprus Phone Number to learn about.  Therefore, And start using the tools of this platform. If you want to take the course click here Alison. Social Media Marketing Diploma Every expert in digital marketing needs to expand their knowledge. And this website precisely offers a Diploma in Social Media Marketing. The course has four sections of 11 modules in total.  And with an evaluation in each one. Also, a final evaluation is carried out to receive the diploma.

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Both the page and the audio courses are in English; Although you could use the translator to change the language to Spanish, the videos of the modules necessarily require that you have a certain command of the language. Within the modules he teaches, he handles more basic topics such as introduction to websites, creating accounts on social networks and generating increased traffic on Facebook pages. If you want to take the course, click here Online Training: 82 free classes on digital marketing The IEBS School of Innovation and Entrepreneurs has a YouTube channel with a large amount of training content. Among them are the 82 free classes on digital marketing that have been made available to everyone. If you want to learn about SEO.

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social networks, personal branding, and much more, Webinars is the platform that provides all the complete information through explanatory and easy-to-understand video courses. The webinars are 100% free and allow you to learn about all the news in today’s world to apply them to your business and get the most out of them. Some of the free online courses offered by the web are: SEO for WordPress, Logistics Marketing, Inbound Marketing & Branded Content. Therefore, Mobile e-Commerce and many more. If you want to take the course, click here Innova Strategies: Free digital marketing courses This course is aimed at both administrative staff and any user who wants to improve their knowledge and working conditions.

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Making their way towards one of the most effective strategies in today’s world of work. Therefore,  It offers a simple user manual to provide you with knowledge and skills, which are necessary in different areas to create effective marketing plans.  Therefore, Within the agenda, there are 3 modules with classes that will help you become an expert in digital marketing. At the end of them, you must take an exam that certifies what you managed to learn throughout the course. Some of the topics are: marketing training, internal marketing, strategy planning, the consumer and differentiation strategies. If you want to take the course, click here A Thousand Free Courses: SEO Guide for Social Media Managers The union of Social Media and SEO are vital to achieve a good positioning.

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