Territories must make increasingly Nigeria WhatsApp Number List decisions and face a double challenge: first, to master a colossal mass of data in order to fully understand the initial situation and also to anticipate the consequences of decisions. The data is complicated to process: Despite the progress made in open data, open data datasets are rarely usable the first time; Today, many people continue to use spreadsheets when information needs to be easily viewed. In this context, the decision of the communities becomes a challenge between the elected officials and the services: How to share the initial situation, on a technical level? How to illustrate the technical advantages of the policies carried out in the territory? How to respond to national

constraints and policies, in particular with quantified objectives? We have therefore sought to support the transformation of data governance, by offering a solution to local authorities and professionals. The platform makes it possible to bring the actors of the territories around the table so that they can feed qualified and quantified scenarios in a collaborative way, discussing them together by seeing the results of the scenarios. We are convinced that EEGLE allows the expression of all opinions and facilitates decision-making. How did you start the project? I gradually started to take an interest in the territories. I first worked on a strategic plan towards this market for a large group (before 2016).

The Consequences Of Development

This world-class publisher was looking to diversify into the Smart City. With other partners, we set up a first company on systemic modeling subjects (to illustrate, it aimed to look like Sim City – city management games, editor’s note – in real life, with parameters eg: time in the car , CO2, etc.). We were already looking to simulate scenarios for the territories. The angle of attack, very techno, gave me the impression of missing a part of the subject, in particular the sociological approach of the phenomena. So I decided to create EEGLE in February 2017, with this idea: how to bring together all the players around data (sharing first and understanding the territories)? The challenge is to build a collaborative base between all these players.


It must then allow all the families of actors to find their bearings there (eg: mobility specialists must find the terms of their professions), and each time, this allows EEGLE to develop suitable business modules. Open data in Orléans EEGLE today? Our platform has been on the market since February 2019. We are 9 people today. We are targeting as a priority “PMT”, that is to say the Small and Medium-sized Territories: The large metropolises (even if Rennes is a client) already have teams and historic platforms under multi-year contracts; The territory must have a technical team (which appears from 5,000 inhabitants). Our core target is the city between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. These clients have the resources and skills, while being able to maintain proximity between technical services and elected officials over a shorter decision cycle.

What Lessons For Laurent

However, these cities are subject to regular constraints (eg: PCAET, PLUi, etc.) which always begin with a diagnosis. And there, our platform becomes an asset to help the territories in the diagnosis and decisions related to the plan. Eegle screensOpen data in Rennes metropolis Incidentally, our platform also helps to prepare data for these communities with a view to compliance with the Lemaire Law . Only 10% of eligible communities have met the Open data obligations . The consequences of development? We have reasoned growth which I like. However, we ask ourselves the question of financing, to accelerate growth at the national level. Not easy

however, because how do you present communities and their economic attractions to venture capitalists ? Other models can help us, for example industrial partnerships or institutional investors (eg Caisse des Dépôts). In short, it’s still very open! We are also seeking to publicize our offer, our brand (the platform is barely a year old!) And we are investing in marketing to develop our notoriety, primarily with our target Communities with “PMT”. Open data on City of Saint Malo What lessons for Laurent? I am not an entrepreneur at the base (20 years in a large group before). But, because it was my second company, I found the creation of EEGLE more complete. “I’m learning all the time, it’s really a pleasure”.

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