5 pitfall avoiders To avoid the pitfalls of hybrid working Pakistan Phone Number described above, we need to pay attention to the following in our Digital Employee Experience: Facilitate substantive connections between different seniority levels and functions. For example with Pakistan Phone Number online communities of practice for roles and communities of interest around knowledge themes. Give managers an explicit role and support them in this. For example, at KPMG, a customer of our Plek platform, the previous CEO had a weekly podcast. That was often the message with the greatest reach.

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Set up a good online onboarding and extend this to your Pakistan Phone Number communities of practice and interest, and to your e-learning. Of course, learning doesn’t stop after your first week or month in your new job. Make your Digital Employee Experience accessible and of course fully mobile, so that everyone can access it everywhere. This is especially important for Pakistan Phone Number non-desk employees. Create an online environment that encourages social interaction, especially across teams and departments. Now take another look at your Digital Employee Experience and the applications and systems that are part of it.

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Think from the perspective of the different Pakistan Phone Number personas in your organization and their specific work-from-home behavior and needs. Can you use existing systems smarter? Are they suitable for new forms of social communication? Or are there holes? How is your onboarding arranged? Which internal communities can you initiate? How do you Pakistan Phone Number activate employees to participate? In this way, step by step you come to a Digital Employee Experience that works for hybrid working. A cup of coffee with the boss Finally, a nice – and successful – example in which many of the above tips come together.

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