Big Data has strongly participated in the digital transformation of companies by offering them new means to develop their activity, better UAE Email List their market or improve the customer experience. It is essential to know how to interpret and make the most of the data collected in order to build an effective strategy and assert your competitive advantage.

Data-driven marketing is a data-driven strategy that a brand collects, analyzes and uses in order to better understand the behavior of its consumers and to put in place an appropriate action plan.


The Importance Of Data

Known as the 3Vs , there are three key characteristics to better understand what Big Data is , its interest and the problems that its use generates: Volume : The amount of information we create keeps increasing. Today, more than 2.5 trillion bytes of data is generated per day. Faced with this mass of information, companies must use the right tools to collect the information that will be useful to them.

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Variety : There are two types of data: Structured: they come from database. Unstructured like media content, emails, social media posts, GPS tracking etc. The difficulty can arise in the analysis and interpretation of all of these data.

The Organization Of The Company

Making a data-driven decision requires having a skilled team that understands the science of data, in order to analyze and interpret the information.

The management must be questioned so that each member of the company integrates the data culture and learns to work the data pole to better detect the various opportunities (implementation of specialized tools, processing of databases etc …) . It is also important to clearly define your objectives upstream in order to properly develop your data-driven strategy and know what data to collect and use.

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