Using the human flaws of an information system as a leverage effect, do you know the Switzerland Email Database of social engineering? Once the human has been trained, have you heard of bug bounty or pen testing? Cybercrime is a growing phenomenon within companies. It is defined as the set of criminal activities carried out through the Internet or computers.

It exists in different forms: extortion, installation of pirate or spy programs, theft or manipulation of data, phishing, social engineering… The motivations which push cybercriminals (also called “hackers”) to act are generally financial. They can act alone or in a network.

Main Targets Of Hackers

Main targets of hackers, companies must imperatively take security measures to avoid this type of attack. It should be noted that 80% of companies have been victims of cyber attacks over the past 12 months according to the CESIN barometer. Much could have been avoided if measures had been taken upstream according to ANSSI, the National Information Systems Security Agency.

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The agency classifies all 40 rules to follow in 13 steps in its guide to good practices . No business is immune and the consequences can be disastrous if nothing is in place. The new data protection reform of the European Parliament will help SMEs to enter new markets and businesses to reduce their costs through a centralized monitoring system.

80% Of Companies Have Been Victims Of Cyber Attacks In The Past 12 Months

Aware of this major problem, 50A is organizing a workshop devoted to cybercrime and cybersecurity to make its customers aware of the dangers they run and to give them the necessary weapons to fight this type of attack.

Ensuring security within your company is a key issue for its proper functioning. Awareness is therefore essential for all. If you are a manager of an SME or a member of an IT department, this workshop is for you.


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