More engaged employees and an even more effective Ivory Coast Phone Number onboarding program. New10 urges the audience to use data. Without data, your idea is just an opinion. 4. Remote is not distant The cliché specter of a remote or hybrid onboarding is that Ivory Coast Phone Number the. New colleague himself is lost behind a laptop at the kitchen table. Cut off from the ‘real’ contact you have with colleagues in an office. This image is not correct, provided you pay close attention to it as a company. Ensure a good mix between knowledge sharing via online tools and personal contact moments with colleagues.

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Realize that hybrid is not a binary choice between Ivory Coast Phone Number  home or office. There is a huge gray area between the two worlds. Plan a coffee date with your new employee in the area, go for a walk or meet in a coworking space. Also realize that a well-organized Ivory Coast Phone Number online welcome is much more valuable than a gas station bouquet and uninterested colleagues. An employee at the office can be psychologically very disconnected from your team, while someone at a distance can feel very involved. So send the new employee a flower or a welcome package and give them an online applause during an online meeting.

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A tour can also be done digitally, which is Ivory Coast Phone Number New10’s experience. Ultimately, it is the people who make you feel welcome: online and offline. How is this in your company? Onboarding is a very important part of the employee journey: the journey an employee takes from the moment they get to know your company until the moment Ivory Coast Phone Number they leave. Are you screwing up the onboarding? Then you as an employer have a problem. In a rapidly digitizing world in which work is increasingly happening in a hybrid form, it is therefore smart to think carefully about how you set up your company for hybrid onboarding.

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