It has become almost a fad, many Sao Tome and Principe Email List today, especially in the B2C industry, routinely ask you to rate a service or product that you have purchased. You have surely already received dozens of emails or notifications asking you to choose the number of stars or a rating out of 10 to appreciate a product or service that you have offered yourself. The B2B sector is less “invasive” but still present. In 2018, 1 in 2 companies assessed post-contact satisfaction ( source: Barometer of customer relationship KPIs, 2018 edition produced by Easiware ). At first glance, one might think that a satisfaction survey from a B2B company or a

consulting firm has only a marketing objective, to display the quality of its products in the eyes of the world. and services. It’s not just that. In any case, this should not be the only motive for such an approach, at the risk of missing something, especially for a consulting firm. For the approach to be relevant, we believe that satisfaction surveys must meet 3 objectives and address 3 targets: For the market : the satisfaction survey must show that the firm has brought value wherever it has intervened For the client : the satisfaction survey should reassure clients (current and future) that the firm is taking a step back from its services in order to

The Need To Measure The Level

improve them For the firm : the satisfaction survey should help the firm to develop and improve its processes The need to measure the level of customer satisfaction and assess the level of satisfaction In the sense of “quality”, the realization of a project or a consulting assignment reveals 4 types of quality throughout its development: The quality expected by the customer: it is that which is expressed in the need communicated, more or less completely, by the customer The quality desired by the firm: it is that which is expressed by the commercial proposal made to respond to the requests expressed by the client The quality


achieved by the firm: it is expressed by the actual performance of the mission by the firm (timing respected, quality of deliverables, etc.) The quality perceived by the client: This is the quality estimated by the client in view of the firm’s service. The operational implementation of a project is rarely a smooth river and it often appears unexpected situations. It is therefore important to inquire about the client’s feelings about the firm’s ability to adapt to these situations and to know how to manage them and measure the resulting satisfaction. The goal is for this satisfaction to be maximum. Of the good exploitation of this gold mine One thing is to

Of The Good Exploitation Of This Gold Mine

carry out satisfaction surveys, another is to use them well, and I am not just talking about proudly posting the excellent marks obtained and the verbatims of clients on the corporate website. The heart of the process is continuous improvement (internal processes, customer knowledge, etc.). It is therefore essential to put in place the necessary processes to ensure that it helps the company to “drive” its organization in order to “perform”! With this in mind, at our level, we have decided to put in place some guiding principles to make the best use of all the wealth of information obtained: Carry out a debriefing of the survey with the team of

consultants who carried out the mission Sharing the score and the client’s feelings about the mission Identification of potential areas for improvement (if it had to be done again, what would have been done better or otherwise) Formalization of “customer interest” and monitoring subjects Identify avenues for internal capitalization Identification of avenues for improvement of existing processes Identification of new internal projects Identification of new training themes for the firm Report the results of investigations to the entire firm on the occasion of dedicated days and integrate the actions identified in the firm’s action plan.

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