Co-founder of Yahoo!, who convinced him to work for him. Before dropping out of college, he worked for Ernst and Young as a security tester. For his part, Brian Acton grew up in central Florida and attended two different universities before graduating from Stanford University in 1994, majoring in computer science. After getting his degree from him, he started working for Apple as a software engineer and in 1996 he started working for Yahoo! Where he fell as a software engineer, focusing on advertising and data processing. Acton met Koum while working for Ernst & Young as a security tester and was assigned to inspect Yahoo!’s advertising system, an area where Acton was located.

Six months later, Koum was on Yahoo! and got a job as a software engineer. During their time at Yahoo!, their friendship grew and in 2007 they both quit their jobs, traveled around South America and later created WhatsApp. Conclusion on WhatsApp history WhatsApp is an application that is dedicated to sending and Hong Kong Phone Number receiving instant messaging online, where you can send files, location or make calls and video calls to the whole world. To do this, you only need to have a cell phone number, affiliate it with the application, your contacts will be loaded automatically and that’s it, you can make unlimited use of the application.

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During the history of the creation of WhatsApp, it has been expanding the age range of use of its public. Most of its users are between 18 and 35 years old, who are active users, since they constantly check their cell phone. But use has been expanding in other age groups. This is because it is available to everyone and is available for iOS and Android operators, which makes it easy for everyone to access. As once, the progressive digitization of service companies and industry implies access to new markets and forms of business. With a Diploma in Social Media Ads , you will be able to manage and administer social networks. In addition, you will be able to develop creative and interesting content, executing investment campaigns on the different digital platforms.

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Google Analytics and SEO Positioning. After completing the courses, you will be able to: Correct use of the platform and effective configuration of Google campaigns. Use the most important tools that help improve your company’s presence on the Internet. Create campaigns in Google; Search, Display, Apply strategies and best practices to achieve optimal web positioning. Boost your business with technological tools on a global scale. Know the main concepts about SEO and its differences with SEM. Know what are the behaviors of users within your website. Check out our program and let’s talk. your website through mobile devices and make a comparison with people who use computers to draw conclusions and behavior patterns.

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Another beneficial tactic can be to call for people to fill out a survey and offer a discount coupon in return. This will allow you to collect more detailed information from your audience. READ MORE How to put together a successful marketing plan for summer 2022 Optimize your website for mobile devices These user behavior trends have led Google to take the mobile version of websites as a reference when positioning results. It is important that your site is for browsing through mobile devices. Your website is the visible face of your brand, and a good percentage of your visitors will reach it via mobile. In practice, this means that your website seen perfectly on small screens, through responsive design or with other software.

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