Indeed 45 million players are connected each month to broadcast their video game games live, with or without a webcam, these players are Vatican City Email List professionals (“pro-gamers”) or simply people like you and me wishing to share and propose live content while interacting with its spectators (“viewers”) thanks to the chat, just like a singer would give in concert, each one has his style and his community according to the game.

Twitch takes part of the concept of twitter or each streamer can be followed by anyone with an account. You can therefore easily identify “popular” streamers by their number of followers and their number of views. This finally allows you to get out of your prejudices by putting yourself “in the place of”. In place of the customer, in place of our targets, in place of the competition etc.

We find not only gamers but also all players in the video game industry, which includes video game production boxes, developers, conventions, press conferences and also charity lives to collect donations. in order to make the world even more wonderful.

And The Customers, What Do They Think?

The whole forms a very large community with disproportionate statistics, for once we could talk about big data but that’s not the subject, (to have an overview of the key figures of Twitch in 2015 click here )

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Note also that on May 18, 2014, Google with YouTube negotiated the buyout of Twitch for a billion dollars, but it was Amazon that won the bet by buying Twitch for 970 million dollars. Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, explains this choice by specifying that Amazon is a company that shares the same values ​​as Twitch, with a long-term vision for the future of the site ”. Youtube will end up launching its own platform with which has not taken off so much despite many advantages, it remains for the moment the google + of streaming.

But What Is The Relationship With Co-design, You Will Tell Me?

Well, among all this ecosystem which continues to develop, a small bubble has appeared and is starting to grow more and more within the platform. This is the “ creative ” category . Basic Twitch is categorized by video games, which allows you to choose what you want to watch, but to diversify its offer and its content Twitch noticed that a sizeable part of its community was made up of a large number of creatives. Illustrators, cartoonists, designers, 3D graphic artists, sculptors, painters, cosplayers, animators and even budding fashion designers!

This category was created for creatives and all the curious who want to admire their work live and interact with them. For that there is only one address => the creative category of Twitch you will find a hundred streams categorized by hashtag and thousands of spectators. Certain streamers are more oriented towards interactions thanks to the chat in which you can communicate (on condition of registering for free), the spectator will be able to directly influence the work of the artist via his requests and these interactions which joins in sort of co-design and co-creation.

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