In the same way, you can take into account the topics related to your field.  So you can produce varie content. Choose a color palette for photos on Instagram color palette for instagram photos.  The second important tip for achieving a visually appealing feed is to establish a color palette for Instagram . You probably think that this limits your content production a bit.  But it actually gives you valuable organization and visual harmony. Keep in mind that there are too many images on Instagra.  So it is nice to see profiles that have a certain aesthetic. Therefore, you can choose from a range of colors. On which you can produce the graphic pieces of your feed.

Not all colors have to be included in a single image. But you can vary them so that the feed.  Seen in its entirety, respects the chosen color palette. In the case of brands, it is important to use defined colors that are in.  The logo or help to generate harmonious contrasts. Define an Instagram feed type Instagram.  Feed type If we go through Bahamas Phone Number some brand profiles on Instagram.  We will realize that each one has a very defined visual structure. These are known as feed types. Which are a way of generating posts to maintain a particular style.  Like tiles, when looking at the feed as a whole. Below, these are feed types you can choose from to define the order of your posts.

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However, if you intend to maintain the visual aesthetics, we recommend choosing only one and trying not to mix them. by color You can make publications of photos or illustrations that only comply with a certain color or several colors. You can even create feeds in gradient or including the color order of the rainbow. instagram feed by color Horizontal It is about ensuring that each row keeps a coherence that can be in shape, color or theme. To achieve this you must publish 3 consecutive photos that match. horizontal instagram feed Vertical It’s similar to the feed type above in that it creates columns of photos that are matched based on shape, color, or theme. Columns can be short or run from beginning to end throughout the feed.

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vertical instagram feed Chess To achieve this shape you must think of your feed as a chessboard. With that structure, you should intersperse the posts that match in shape, color or theme. chess instagram feed Puzzle This type seeks to generate a feed as a huge puzzle of publications. To do this, it is advisable to have a template that allows you to follow a publication scheme since each photo must have a point in common with the surrounding photos. instagram feed puzzle frames You can edit the images and photos by placing a box that is the same or similar to all of them, so that when you see the feed they all look the same. instagram feed frames Note : The idea is that choosing a type of feed enriches the aesthetics of the profile without limiting the possibility of publications.

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Therefore, although this mosaic structure is intended as a whole, it is recommended that each photo look good and have coherence even when viewed separately. Take care of the quality of your photos quality of your photos in instagram feed An image says more than a thousand words, especially on Instagram, which is the most visual social network of all. That is why it is important to take care of the quality of the photos that you publish in your feed. Depending on the theme of your profile, you can schedule photo sessions to take great photos. Or in any case, you must take care in the editing process, taking care of the details and sizes of the image.

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