This is how many professionals share their skills, abilities, experiences and academic degrees in order to reach the companies that lead the market. Pinterest: Among the Most Popular Social Media Apps pinterest between social networks Pinterest is a social network for sharing images and videos . In addition, it allows users to create and manage collections of audiovisual content on personal boards. Pinterest users can upload, save, sort and manage multimedia content through collections called “pin boards” or boards. The pinboards are personalized, this means that the pins or posts can be classified and found by other users. Likewise, it is one of the most downloaded social network applications today since it contains a diversity of ideas that can be adjusted to the needs of people. That is to say, many usually look for tutorials or reference images in this application.

As a consequence, it has become one of the favorite digital media for companies. LINE: A widely used app in China line social media apps Line is an instant messaging application for mobile phones, PCs and Macs . Although this application is known around the world, it is mostly used in China. It stands out due to the particular and unique Cayman Islands Phone Number system of emojis, which differ from the rest of the applications. In addition, it has basic messaging, sending photos, voice messages and making VoIP calls. Its main competitor is WhatsApp, another messaging application. Snapchat: One of the trending apps snapchat mobile application Snapchat is one of the most downloaded social media apps. This platform is by the sending of files, whether images or videos.

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which can be viewed for a few seconds. This type of content disappears from the recipient’s device after being viewed. Also, the application allows you to create a profile where you can post images or short videos about your day and last 24 hours. Snapchat has been used as the social network where celebrities have interacted more directly and personally with their followers. Although it is no longer a trend-setting social network, it still has more than 229 million users worldwide. Likewise, we highlight that it managed to innovate trends in social networks with its type of publications. Tumblr: Among the applications that marked a generation tumblr social media apps Tumblr is a social network that stands out for being a microblogging platform where the publication of texts, images, videos, links.

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Quotes and audios is facilitate. Born in 2007, it managed to become one of the preferred social networks. Although it is no longer among the preferred digital media, its users continue to use it. We highlight that Tumblr managed to captivate an entire generation, making it part of their daily lives. Users have the possibility to customize their feed according to their personal style, it can also include a music player. In addition, the platform allows you to share content from other users and follow those you like. Vine: Among the most downloaded applications.  I came mobile application Vine is a social network that allows. You to create and publish videos with a duration of no more than 6 seconds. The name Vine comes from “vignette” and.  It is one of the first mobile applications.  Where users shared content that was fun and easy to viralize.

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This application stood out because it developed creativity due to the short video time it offers. Also, users could chat privately, either in text or in “vine”. Increase your sales on social networks with the Community Manager course taught at MOTT Spotify. Application to listen to your favorite music spotify among social media apps.  Spotify is an application for music and podcast playback. It also has a premium version that allows you to listen to any song without an Internet connection and save it in your own list. This platform stands out because you can find entire albums from various artists and genres. It also has options of playlists recommended by the application according to the type of content that you usually consume. Spotify is as a social network since users can interact by sharing their playlists and seeing what songs they listen to.

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