From this health crisis, we are just Vietnam Phone Number List to identify all the impacts on our Company, on our societies (in the “business” sense). Direct impacts for medical organizations (hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical laboratories …), places of reception and gathering of the public (schools, events, restaurants and bars, public transport …), but also heavy indirect impacts for any company that produces or sells tangible or intangible goods, which employs staff … well any organization, in fact. In this article, we offer you a few avenues, solutions and methods resulting from our experience with Business Continuity Plans (about fifteen for me on the counter), but also from ISlean know-how in the organization and digitization of processes.

Beyond this feedback that we are happy to contribute to the collective heritage, we have a little time available in the weeks to come (certain customer projects are, in fact, being rescheduled…). We would be proud to be able to make a useful contribution to better crisis management within your organization! Good use of teleworking and collaborative tools Teleworking is probably one of the best bulwarks against the spread of the virus, by allowing a normal or even more efficient pursuit of activity despite “social distancing”. Unfortunately inaccessible for most of the production of material goods (difficult to run an assembly line or a concrete mixer at home), teleworking is on the other hand the main means of maintaining service activities,

Good Use Of Teleworking

but also of managing the crisis whatever or the activity. Teleworking in the construction industry It can even be the most effective, as long as you follow a few simple rules: a single common work tool / ecosystem : the two market leaders, Microsoft (Teams) and Google (Enterprise suite) now have a fairly similar level of needs coverage (messaging, chat, videoconferencing, screen sharing, work simultaneous on the same office document…): the choice is today more philosophical than based on rational arguments. But the important thing is, for organizations that have not yet decided, to do it quickly to allow everyone to quickly gain skills


on the same tool. two-way discussion: video is good, screen sharing is better, but working with 4 hands is the best! Videoconferencing, beyond the pleasure of seeing each other, is of little operational interest. On the other hand, sharing a screen, a visual medium, makes it possible to discuss the same representation, according to the proverb “a good drawing is better than a long speech”. In a real-time shared document, everyone can also interact simultaneously on the same document, we are really there in the effective co-construction since it is interactive, more readable than handwriting and can be disseminated immediately

Far From The Eyes But Not Far From The Heart

without rewriting. A key tool for crisis management where responsiveness and sharing are the key words (see next chapter) more than two exchanges: a little discipline is needed! The effectiveness of the meeting / crisis management point depends on compliance with the following few rules: everyone in “Mute” (microphone cut), except the host. At the risk of turning the meeting into an incomprehensible hubbub request to speak via Chat, the equivalent of the finger raised from our childhood at school. The facilitator is attentive to distribute the word wisely a reference document in screen sharing: summary, list of points to be processed, organization diagram. See to better understand the Chat window open in parallel allows you to

take the floor, complete the speech without interrupting the speaker or note down key points as you go in Information / Decision / Action mode some illustrations and additional tips in our blog articles HERE and HERE far from the eyes but not far from the heart : nothing replaces physical proximity to the office, coffee breaks where everyone knows that the essential is sometimes said there when it is passed over in silence in meetings. On the other hand, it is not because we communicate via a screen that we communicate like robots: a little hello in the morning on the chat when we start, taking health news in this anxiety-provoking

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