The raison Germany Phone Number List of the Core Web Vitals program is to maintain a consistent quality user experience on the web. According to data from the Screaming Frog report, therefore, LCP and CLS are the main areas that site owners need to focus on. The big question that can be asked is to know if the sites less well optimized compared to these criteria have a lower SEO visibility? This is why Screaming Frog examined the correlation between Core Web Vitals elements and SEO positions. Screaming Frog has found that URLs that rank # 1 in Google meet .

Core Web Vitals criteria much better than pages that rank # 9. Indeed, 19% of mobile pages and 20% of desktop pages positioned in 1st position meet the 3 Web Vitals criteria while only 9% to 11% meet them for pages located in 9th position. Reminder: Core Web Vitals criteria are not yet integrated into SEO ranking factors. This will be the case during the year 2021.From position 1 to position 5, the success rate decreases by 2% for each position. URLs in position 5 to 9 have a much lower success rate at 10% on mobiles and 11% on computers Does this mean that Core Web Vitals impact SEO rankings?

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Knowing that these factors are not yet factored into positioning factors, Screaming Frog claims that this is unlikely but not completely wrong:“A lot of CWV’s assessment focuses on load speed, which we know is already a ranking factor. Therefore, logic would dictate that the fastest sites would rank slightly higher and end up passing the review in turn. However, Google keeps repeating that speed is a minor factor. Rather, I think sites that rank in the top positions (1-4) tend to be better optimized overall.


With targeted, rich and user-friendly content. While loading this information more efficiently ”.The main Core Web Vitals elements won’t be ranking factors until 2021, so there isn’t much to take away from this study when it comes to optimizing these criteria for rankings. What site owners can take away is that if you don’t pass the Core Web Vitals assessment, you’re not alone, as neither are the vast majority of the web. Google is giving SEOs and webmasters plenty of time to prepare for the 2021 update, which is how these things are incorporated into SEO ranking factors.

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They represent only 3 factors among hundreds of others taken into account by Google to calculate your visibility in its SERPs. It is the relevance of the content that is most important. A more relevant page will generally win out over a faster page with less relevant content. The results clearly show that anger is the predominant feeling, which is not surprising. Indeed, on with content to express a negative feeling. Below, you will find the types of emotional responses posted by Internet users, depending on the type of content.

This analysis can help you create content that can elicit a specific reaction from your audience. For example, if you write on the subject of health or travel, you are more likely to elicit positive reactions related to love. Likewise, posting fitness-related content can more easily generate a WOW effect. This study highlights several key elements that will benefit you in directing your content strategy: Choose your content format in relation to the expectations of your users. Content of 1000 words or less receives the most backlinks. Anticipate the emotions that your themes can generate. Keep it simple and concise.

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