For example Macau Email List site that sells clothing might have the following path by clicking on a series of five category pages: Women’s Clothing> Dresses> Short Dresses> Black Short Dresses> Black Short Dresses XL. Each of these five pages targets a unique keyword theme with a place in the sales funnel. Category page optimization allows you to capture customers who are looking for products while exploring their purchasing options. You can check out the full presentation below. Scalable Ecommerce SEO for Category Pages | SMX West 2020 from Jill Kocher Brown Place your images in relevant and visible locations on your web pages . Write captions . Write a page title that is descriptive and optimized for the page your images are on.

Fill in the alt attribute of your images in a way that accurately describes them to search engines . This attribute must be a description and not a title. The image file names must also understand the meaning of them. Optimize loading time . You can watch the full video below. Fortunately, a lot of the content you create for organic lead generation can also be used for your Google Ads campaign, so the two go hand in hand. Companies that rely solely on an organic search strategy are often unaware that it takes time, if not months, to see real traction. So a paid campaign can help you get results fast and meet your prospect goals while you work on creating SEO optimized content.

The Interests Of Your Readers Will Also Suggest Brands

Don’t blog and Guinea Email List your keyword growth Any keyword strategy, regardless of your type of business, requires constant attention from the content marketing and website optimization side. For many businesses, that can mean one blog post per week. For industries more saturated with content, it may be necessary to blog twice a week or more. Always boost your post time with optimizations, such as adding internal links to your website, especially for new pages targeting new keywords. Put links in the right direction so that all of your blog posts point to important pages, like those with a conversion offer and a form. Do not use a landing page optimized by keyword and conversion That brings us to our next point:


trying to rank for the keywords and making sure the landing page offers a clear way for the user to convert. A keyword optimized page is not enough. Add content offerings, perform A / B testing on posts, and always have a very clear call-to-action to make sure you get the user where you want them to go. Then again, by refining your SEO or landing page over time, you can see the conversion rate gradually increase. Tip: Pages built for SEO purposes and landing pages aren’t much different. Both try to convert people into new leads by collecting information using a form. However, SEO pages tend to focus on bottom-of- the-funnel keywords that are closely .

Affiliate Links, Or Discount Codes

related to your business offering, while landing pages typically promote a content offering, such as signing up for an e-book or a webinar. Focus only on new content and not on old “Publish, publish, publish” is without a doubt the mantra of keyword strategies. You have to quickly create a lot of new content and new SEO pages to be able to see improvements. So companies sometimes forget to take advantage of the material they already have and the old pages that have gained strong authority. Refreshing old content and re-optimizing it for new keywords are two great tactics to boost your SEO.

Just find a better keyword target with clearer search intent or more volume, and optimize your old page while adding some internal links to the new keyword target on your site. Google loves to see fresh content, so don’t be afraid to make minor improvements to your old content, like adding new paragraphs, images, and keyword-rich headlines! Do not exploit Google Ads Google Ads is a good way to test your organic keyword strategy and quickly expand it to test and see leads coming in the funnel earlier. Writing ads and landing pages for your Google Ads keywords will require additional work, along with ongoing CPC

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