Manual evaluation requires qualitative content. In scenarios where there is no data or strong. dependence on artificial aesthetics. we will give Phone Number List preference. To manual evaluation. but in the qualitative process. we should try to quantify the content as much as possible. so that the results of manual evaluation can be applicate. the application is more accurate. For example. If we manually evaluate the Phone Number List. beauty of a certain may be dived into three levels of beauty. whether it is the sound of nature. in the professional level. Manual evaluation involves. artificial aesthetic participation. which can solve many evaluation scenarios without. data quantification. But it also has the characteristics of large.

Manual Evaluation Requires Phone Number List

Even if the standards are clear. people will feel different Phone Number List from each other. and each auditor has a very good understanding of the content. It is easy to produce deviations. Generally. the method of sampling review is us to. Ensure that the final results meet the Phone Number List expectations. but the overall manual review should. have a certain tolerance for deviations. Therefore The new users brought . By the content are the value of the content.

It can be evaluate by. indicators such as the number of new users. The number of withdrawn users. the evaluation of the Phone Number List value. of newly return users, and the retention time. 3) Community Phone Number List value Consumption value: High-quality content has consumption value, and users will like to watch it or even watch it repeat. so it can be evaluate by using the broadcast rate. in-depth consumption rate. consumption time.  collection rate and like rate.

Even if the Standards Are Clear Phone Number List

Phone Number List
Phone Number List

When building a cultural and entertainment content evaluation system. the most important goal is retention, so when we do content quality Phone Number List evaluation. we need to find out the content that can promote user retention. The consumption value, production value, and social value of content are all the influence of the user’s retention in the Phone Number List site. factor, so in this fitting model, y is the retention, and x is the specific indicator of the three values. such as listening time. number of likes, number of productions. number of comments. number of followers etc. Both x and y have been determine . and the most suitable regression equation for this model in the application of mathematical statistical models is logit regression.

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