We have already highlighted the special place of editorial content in the SEO strategy of websites. By extension, today we want to somewhat China Email List the scope of application of content to marketing strategy in general. Without content, personality, ideas, no matter how much we resort to the services of the best designers, our words will be of little value.

Editorial content, the new challenge for communication services.
We believe a lot in content marketing. We see it as the challenge of tomorrow for all companies wishing to exist in online and offline media, and it also fits perfectly into the logic of inbound marketing as we practice it. Speak fairly and constructively before speaking loudly to bring maximum added value to clients. Marketing requires a lot of effort, it consumes a lot of time and money, when deployed in the wrong direction, it consumes resources and generates little value at all levels.

Quality content, a mark of consideration

In our vision of Lean Marketing , we want to make every penny spent by our customers useful, by limiting losses. It is then a question of being reconciled with its prospects, its future customers who seek information, help, support, or wish to seek a professional. This then requires intelligent communication, where the effort is more focused on the content, a constructive article, advice, best practices to share. Far from praising the benefits of a product head-on, this approach is in itself a service to the customer, who will naturally be inclined to turn to you when he feels the need.Are you ready to take the first step?

China Email List

We are also preparing the overhaul of the Markentive website, which will offer extended functionalities at the start of the school year, to offer you even more services in line with our marketing vision. New collaborators also joined Markentive this summer, and will bring us their expertise to give our work a unique personality.

Editorial content, a growing industry.

Faced with this reality, many agencies now offer to take charge of the production of editorial content on behalf of their clients. For writing blog articles, producing static pages for a website or producing a white paper, you can count on the expertise of agencies like ours. For the production of large amounts of text to facilitate the referencing of a site in search engines, write notices or other, digital platforms based on the crowdsourcing modelhave appeared.

This logic allows the client to have access to the services of several thousand writers who thus have a multitude of distinct expertise (industry, science, law, etc.). Companies of this type, like Textmaster , also offer the translation or correction of this content in nearly 8 languages. Because with digital, content crosses borders instantly and can be translated flexibly and quickly by online communities of translators. To learn more about Textmaster’s services , feel free to take a look at their website or blog .

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