Containment has helped curb the Nepal Phone Number List and maintain the ability of our health system to save lives. It was essential to stem the spread where it was exploding, even Boris and Donald must have come to agree. However, it cannot last indefinitely. At the risk of starving before dying from the virus. Or to see national unity and the current spirit of citizenship shattered towards a period of social crisis and unrest, the outcome of which is difficult to imagine. We must restart, therefore, but in a context where the Covid-19 will not disappear on its own. After several months of research and trial and error on this new virus (more than 850 studies underway across the world at the last census), the first elements of medical knowledge that are

emerging are unfortunately not very encouraging about our ability to medically contain the epidemic: a case fatality rate estimated at around 0.5% (but it is still very uncertain) potentially short or even uncertain immunity after contamination (case of re-contamination under study in Korea) a small part of the French population infected (5.7% by May 11, according to a study published on April 21): collective immunity apparently out of reach without a vaccine or at the cost of hundreds of thousands of deaths in the ‘scale of France (on a global scale, I even prefer not to do the math) a vaccine inaccessible to less than 1 year.

Restart The Activity Under

It is unfortunately a long time, with all the goodwill in the world, to validate the effectiveness of a vaccine: only the monitoring of the immune response over 6 months, 1 year, 2 years … makes it possible to validate the efficacy over 6 months , 1 year, 2 years … The imperative of social distancing is therefore imposed on us, not for a few weeks or even a few months, but probably until the development and generalization of a vaccine, in the course of 2021 at best. The transformations to be carried out are indeed necessary and lasting adaptations, with one imperative: “to do almost as well as confinement without confinement”,

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explains epidemiologist Simon Cauchemez . The contactless world is ours! Where the famous SFR slogan promised us better days thanks to the mobile (sic!), A world under new constraints is opening up to us. If we want to be positive, our only “chance” in this crisis is that it comes at a time when digitization, already well underway in certain activities, provides us with the tools to adapt. An example ? The retail sale which was able to continue with a minimum of contacts and therefore risks, including for non-food products (Leroy Merlin for a selection of basic necessities, for example) thanks to “Click & Collect”: few employees

The Contactless World Is Ours

supermarkets for picking and preparing orders. Consumers come by car and pick up orders already prepared directly in front of the store (protective windows, product passage hatches) or in their parking space. Everything is made possible by the digitization of both choice and payment, with ergonomic sites accessible from all media, which more and more customers are used to using. In all sectors: digital transformation in full swing The resumption of activity can only be done with an adaptation of the activity and the processes, using transformations (digital or not) and above all … a lot of common sense. This is only the

continuation of the transformations already started by many companies. This time, with a fairly effective “engine”: the fear of endangering fellow citizens / employees / customers / relatives… First overview of the transformations currently accelerating in various sectors: Education: for a certain number of post-baccalaureate studies, distance learning can be continued on a long-term basis, replacing lecture hall courses and retaining the tutorials in small face-to-face groups. Many schools were already in the process of implementing their distance learning platforms, we have supported some of them. For the smallest classes where physical presence is essential, digital cannot be the only recourse but a face-to-face / digital mix is ​​an

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