For example, you will be able to know on which device they saw the ad for the first time and on which the conversion was made. Conclution Facebook Ads manager is an extremely necessary tool for all digital marketing, community manager and social media professionals. So it is important that they are clear about its tools, functions and what advantages it can offer to your brand strategy. We emphasize that every digital specialist must know how to handle the various platforms to create specialized content.We have certainly heard references to hashtags, but we may not know what it is and what its functions are. In a content marketing strategy, the hashtag can be used to establish trends and make a brand known.

As well as to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns in which certain hashtags are used. On this occasion, we will tell you what a hashtag is and what its main functions are so that you can implement it within your strategy. What is a hashtag? what is hashtag The hashtag is a keyword that acts as a kind of link to classify the published Argentina Phone Number content. This word or short phrase always follows the # sign and is used by all social networks. In that sense, each social network has its conditions of use, expiration and relevance. It is worth mentioning that the hashtag on Facebook was intended to measure trends, but it failed and is currently used to separate topics.

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The beginning of the use of the hashtag dates back to August 2007, with the aim of allowing people to follow the topics that interest them. Likewise, it is used to measure the trend of the moment, becoming a thermometer of the events of a certain city, region or country. Subsequently, it has become a valuable resource in practically all social networks. Each hashtag is converted into a hyperlink that directs people’s search. This means that when a word is selected for the content, it is added to a search group. In short, it is an effective and practical way to group various publications on a specific topic. Remember that, by using it, it is possible to find users who are talking about that topic.

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Conditions for use of the hashtag in each social network conditions.  To use hashtag in social networks Although the hashtags used.  In all social networks have the condition of marking the topics of interest. Each one of them presents particularities of use. It is important that you consider the usability.  That is given on each platform.  So that your content can be effective. Likewise, we recommend that you keep in mind that. There are social networks where it works much better. LinkedIn: is a social network for professional exchange. Therefore, hashtags are used to monitor work topics.  Work profiles, academic events, and other related events. Twitter.

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Since this social network created this feature, it continues.  To lead the necessary use of hashtags to mark trending topics, events and news around the world. However, its expiration is from 30 minutes to 1 hour, after that time the hashtag is no longer relevant. So when using it, keep in mind that the strength of the hashtag is defined by.  The number of tweets that mention it. Facebook : This social network did not achieve the expected success in the use of hashtags, but there are still some users who use them. Mainly, the hashtag on Facebook is used to organize very general categories or specific events. TikTok : Here, little by little, the importance of hashtags has been introduced, but they are mainly to highlight the famous “challenges” or viral videos.

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