In the process of building a content Slovenia Phone Number community. User participation indicators are generally confirmed by the number of comments. Interactions. And barrage. So how to increase user stickiness and participation through the optimization of the bullet screen function. This Slovenia Phone Number article will analyze and interpret long video platforms such as tencent video. Youku. And mango tv. Which are worth reading and learning. As a content community. Engagement and activity are important metrics. There are many magnitude indicators to measure activity and participation. Such as the number of comments. Likes. Coins. Shares. Etc. Of the video. The number of bullet screens and the interaction of bullet screens are also part of it. The participation of the bullet screen can also improve the overall activity of the platform.

Bullet Screen Like Function Slovenia Phone Number

Especially high-quality bullet chats. In this Slovenia Phone Number episode. We will discuss how to let users send more and higher-quality barrages.The bullet chat like function is an important way to increase the Slovenia Phone Number participation of bullet chat. Because by liking. You can increase the user’s new interactive way. So you can use the push method to notify the user that someone has liked your bullet screen. Users can push into the app to see who has liked their barrage. Thereby increasing daily and monthly activities. Some users. After viewing the push. May perform other operations in the app. Such as watching videos and viewing video updates. Which also increases the user’s average daily usage time. Competitive analysis of bullet chatting function (part 2) – how to increase user stickiness and participation by optimizing bullet chatting function

Availability of the Like Function Slovenia Phone Number

Slovenia Phone Number

Among the four platforms. Only youku’s web Slovenia Phone Number terminal and pc terminal do not have a bullet screen like function (youku’s app terminal has a like function). Youku web and pc (april 2022) only have pause function. No like functionallowing users to enter the app to increase the daily and monthly activities and improve the retention rate is a problem that the app is struggling to think about every day. Many products. Such as weibo. Will send Slovenia Phone Number users back to the app by sending a piece of news or topic that users are interested in. Or current hot news. Some apps even edit some sensational headlines in order to allow users to enter the app and increase daily and monthly activities. . But in fact. From the perspective of cost and results. The bullet screen news of station b is better than this type of push. And this form is also in line with the addiction mode.

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