The social networks have become an integral part of our environment, whether private or professional. A few years ago, one could still wonder about the usefulness for a company to have a Facebook page or a Burundi Email List account. Today, all professionals recognize the importance of social media and consider it to be one of the central elements of any marketing strategy . Indeed, whether through Facebook , Twitter , Google + or even Pinterest , a well-managed presence on one or more of these platforms can be beneficial in many ways:optimization of visibility, personal branding, engagement or even SEO … It is easy to understand why, in 2015, everyone is on social media!

Today, while browsing Jeff Bullas’ blog (if you don’t know him, I strongly advise you to take a look, it’s one of my favorite resources on the Web), I came across an article very interesting which listed the latest data and statistics on the use of social media in 2013, here is a small summary:To involve salespeople in your communication plan, we recommend the following steps: OCDQ (Our clients daily questions): Set up an information feedback system for salespeople that can be used on a daily basis.

Google + in the rearview mirror of Facebook

Taxed at its beginning of ghost town, Google + has nothing to do today with this image of deserted social media where nothing ever happens. The proof, in 2013, while Facebook was still in the lead in terms of the penetration rate ( 70% of social media users have an account), Google + is no longer so far behind (50%) . Even if this meteoric development is in part attributable to Gmail (it is mandatory to open a G + account to be able to use Google’s messaging system), it is nonetheless impressive and suggests, why not, a change in leadership in the years to come

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2. Facebook still has the most active users
A pretty incredible figure: almost half of Internet users are active on Facebook , which represents around 1.15 billion people! According to experts, the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg is not ready to see its success decrease thanks to the increasing progress of the Internet establishment in many emerging countries in Africa, Asia and America. from South. The ominous birds that predict Facebook’s decline are not about to see that day arrive.

Pinterest is the fastest growing

The latest among the most influential social networks, Pinterest is on the rise: + 88% of users over the past 12 months . The other major player in the visual web, Tumblr , is also following the same trend, with 74% growth recorded over the same period. By comparison, Facebook and Twitter have ” only ” 40% of new users, which is already not bad. In 2013, visual media were popular.

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence . Much more conservative and serious than Facebook or Twitter, it naturally attracts those who are looking before to take care of their personal branding and create a professional network. It is therefore not surprising to see him ranked number one among the over 45s . Indeed, the latest statistics show that 7% of LinkedIn users are over 55 and 14% are between 45 and 54 years old.

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