The management of opinion leaders or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is a key component of the success of many companies. For example, the point of view of Malta Email List expert doctors on an innovative treatment is strategic for a pharmaceutical company, and conditions its success. That being said, the importance of the opinion leaders’ perspective on new products can be found in many industries.

If there is one area where these practices are deeply rooted in everyday life, it is sport, through sponsorship activities. The main equipment manufacturers sponsor teams and athletes by inviting them to use their products in a visible way, and new entrants to the sports market have no other choice but to bid against firmly established companies. Thus the Chinese Peak and Li Ning have conducted very aggressive sponsorship policies on the North American basketball market and the same goes for the American brand Under Armor on various European sports markets (football, rugby, etc.). Some athletes even gointervene in other sectors of activity due to their popularity such as online betting or ready-to-wear, that is to say the influence of these.

These Strategies Are Logically Found In Digital Promotion Activities .

Let us quote the example of Nike which in January 2011 became the official equipment supplier of the French men’s football team. Previously held by Adidas, the current contract weighs 320 million euros and extends until 2018. Prior to the design of the shirts, Nike interviewed several opinion leaders of French football, including Pierre Ménès, former journalist of the ‘Team, then freshly landed from M6 to Canal + which greatly benefited from its Yahoo blog (now closed) to establish its notoriety.

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Still on the same blog support,Sophie Nicolet director of communication for Nike France then presented the new jersey of the France team while reviewing the stages of its creation. This does not fail to remind us of the importance of having an up-to-date and quality blog because even companies like Nike end up envying their audience! Audience that cannot be bought but which is earned by the relevance and regularity of the information disseminated. Today, it is therefore much more important to speak fairly and to gain the confidence of your interlocutors before wanting to monopolize speaking time for advertising purposes. Thebloggers, will they be the future targets of manufacturers to relay their messages at low cost or will they be directly integrated into these companies? What is the value of an audience?

Thanks To The Use Of Internet Media,

some opinion leaders are able to reach a large population or, conversely, a target that is sometimes extremely targeted. The Youtube channel of the site hosted by “Nightwing2303” illustrates this point perfectly. On this channel, totaling more than 6 million views, are exclusively broadcast videos of tests of shoes dedicated to the practice of basketball and presentations of the design of “casual” shoes always around the universe of this sport. It is obvious that Internet users viewing these videos are a prime target for equipment manufacturers.and these are largely users looking for footwear to meet their needs in the field. Qualified prospects!

What sports brand can ignore this type of digital platform when establishing a launch marketing plan for a new product? Can digital also make it possible to test a design, an idea at a lower cost and without risk? And you, who are your opinion leaders?

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