In it you can include illustrations or infographics that help you condense the information for your users. Conclution The Instagram Feed is an essential element in a brand profile. Therefore, if you are a community manager.  Therefore, You should pay attention to this content and follow some of these Instagram feed tips. You can choose from the various tools offered by this social network.  And take advantage of these tips to define a really attractive feed. Like any person in charge of a specific area. He handles certain vocabulary that differentiates him in what he does or works. The same thing happens in the world of Digital Marketing. And the Community Managers. Therefore, who are the main managers of these areas. Handle a special language taken mostly directly from English. Anglicisms and more literal translations. While others are brought from the world.

Advertising. The important thing is to know them and, of course. Manage them for those moments in which we will be at the forefront of brand management and delivery of results. In addition, to understand the existing bibliography in the Social Media world . Let us know, then, what are the terms that every Community Manager Belarus Phone Number must handle: 1.- Branding Personal branding or personal brand for both companies, is what the public identifies a brand with, it is not the product itself: but what makes it feel. 2.- Briefing Script with information to know what a client really wants and concentrate on satisfying the objectives that a brand requires. 3.- Conversions It is what occurs at that moment in which the user performs the key action set as a goal. For example a sale.

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Copy advertising phrase 5.- Engagement It is the interaction produced on social platforms that allows knowing and measuring the level of commitment that exists or is between users, or clients of a company. With it, it is possible to evaluate what content has the most impact and what is most important to the audience. 6.- Strategy It means strategy and is the set of planned actions to strengthen an organization, through its competitive advantage.  Therefore, Loyalty It refers to when a certain public is faithful, continuously and periodically, in the purchase of a certain product of a brand. 8.- Hashtags It is a string of characters made up of words and preceded by a numeral (#).

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Influencers They are those users who lead the opinion of the group in their sector and are followed by their authority and scope in a certain activity or topic. 10.- Inboud Marketing Tactic to attract, convert and retain potential customers with valuable content. 11.- Lead Potential customer in digital marketing Refers to people or users who express interest in the brand’s offer, showing this interest through a request for additional information or by going to customer service points. 12.- Metrics Instrument to evaluate specific topics. Each company or brand must determine them, in order to measure the fulfillment of business and Social Media objectives. Monitoring Brand monitoring on social networks and websites. Therefore, Microblogging Publishing system that consists of sending short text messages.

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15.- Positioning: It is the place a brand occupies in the minds of consumers. 16.- ROI Return of investment 17.- SEO Abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which stands for search engine optimization ( search engine optimization ). Therefore, Segment It is about dividing markets into uniform and small groups, to determine the characteristics and repeated needs. . 19.- Marketing variables Product, price, place, promotion, presence, processes and people. 20.- Virality It is the ability of content to reproduce, multiply and expand quickly.  Therefore,You may also be interested in the following articles: Differences between Community Manager and Social Media Manager Secrets to be an expert in Community Manager Tips on marketing on Instagram for Community Manager.

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