In February 2007, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had reached 19 million users worldwide. And until that time, it was the website with the most users. That same year, Facebook sells 1.6% of its shares to Microsoft for $240 million, with the condition that it become a business model for companies that offer their products or services. Facebook in 2008 becomes a multilingual platform , since it was not only English, but had been translated into German, Spanish and French. Because most of the users were in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, among other countries. By 2009 , Facebook became one of the most used networks in the world with more than 250 million users . This website, which began as a virtual space for Harvard University students.

Has become an online platform available in more than 124 languages . facebook expansion Facebook Expansion In 2006, Facebook became the most used social network in the world, allowing university students to add others from different study centers that were not included on the website. In addition, they added more students Israel Phone Number from schools and universities in the United States. After bringing together thousands of students, Facebook becomes a social network for all people. In that same year, this social network makes an agreement with.  The iTunes Store so that they can know the musical tastes of their users and thus offer a download link. In addition, Facebook begins to add universities from Germany and Israel to its network. In 2007, Facebook bought Parakey.

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which was a web operating system created by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, the developers of Firefox. At the end of that year, the company sold 1.6% to Microsoft to turn this social network into a business channel for brands that offered their products or services. After that, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had reached 250 million users, in more than 72 countries. In September 2010, this social network had 800 million users worldwide. In addition, in that year Facebook was available in several languages ​​with unpaid translations, made by users of the same social network. For which it became an understandable page for millions of people around the world.

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Thus it was reaching Latin America, especially Argentina , which was one of the first countries to have access to this social network. Facebook Buy WhatsApp and Instagram Certainly, there are many motivations for Facebook to expand beyond its platform. This company generates high annual income that mostly comes from advertising and its listing on the stock market. In this sense, the acquisitions of potential competitors have been a key strategy in its expansion. Therefore, throughout its history, Facebook has always kept an eye on the launch of new fast-growing applications to make them part of its empire. In the case of Instagram , Facebook negotiated its acquisition in April 2012 for the sum of $1 billion in cash . Since its inception in 2010.

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Instagram has been an application for sharing photos and videos with significant growth potential that Facebook did not hesitate to take advantage of. Currently, with the introduction of advertisements and advertising formats, Instagram generates considerable income. Even higher than what Facebook can generate. As for WhatsApp , the most used mobile messaging service in the world was acquired in 2014 by Facebook. For it to be part of his company, Facebook had to pay a total of $19 billion dollars . The reason for the purchase was that Facebook perceived the business potential in WhatsApp. That, although at that time it had only been 5 years old, it had already shown an exponential growth that surpassed the first years of Facebook.

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