It covers the idea that information Latvia WhatsApp Number List communication technologies can improve the performance of public services, reduce energy consumption, and improve the lives of citizens. Sensors, connected objects, digital applications are deployed and provide more and more data, which can be used by the community itself (or by operators working for it) to improve the efficiency of its public policies, or by third parties, through open data platforms, which can use this data to offer value-added services. The challenges of “Smart cities” target the priorities of most current public policies. Develop a “sustainable” energy policy: self-production and decentralization of electricity production, smart-grid and heat or electricity distribution networks.

monitoring of energy consumption; Develop “soft” mobility: recharging stations for vehicles using alternative energies, car & bicycle sharing, smart car parks, traffic optimization; Develop infrastructure related to quality of life: connectivity (5G, Wifi, etc.), public lighting, air quality measurement, video surveillance, etc. … while ensuring the efficiency of operating expenses What reality today? As we have said, the concept has been around for more than 15 years. But there is still a long way to go in its generalization in the real world. Of course, some emblematic cities are quoted in the articles of specialized newspapers, “smart” bricks appear

The Concept Of “smart City” Has Emerged

here and there, but the road is long. Before moving towards “intelligent” services, many communities must already more fundamentally take the step of dematerializing their administrative processes and setting up information systems allowing collaboration and traceability. We have often talked about open data in this blog. We recently pointed out that 90% of EPCIs subject since the Lemaire law to the Open Data obligation have not yet submitted to it. It is that there is a transformation to operate, in the systems and in the culture of these communities. And that before publishing the data, important work often has to be done to make them


more reliable and sort them. Those who are more advanced on the path to Open Data then reflect, not only on the simple provision of data, but on the logic of service platforms , open to their ecosystem, and based on interfaces of API type standardized. Finally, as we have seen, the concept of Smart City primarily involves the deployment or redevelopment of physical infrastructure , much heavier to finance than the sole layers of software that come on top. However, the market is structuring itself. Faced with ever-increasing urbanization, large metropolises are developing their projects brick by brick. The large operators have

The Challenges Of “smart Cities” Target

structured their offers aimed at local authorities, offering more or less global and integrated services, depending on the latter’s requests. Many start-ups complement the offers of more established publishers to offer innovative services based on the data heritage of communities, or supplementing it. Communities, being in a certain way in competition to develop the attractiveness of their territories, have 5 to 10 years ahead of them which will fundamentally change the physiognomy of urban infrastructures. An exciting challenge for all those who will tackle it.capacity for creation and humanity.from the debates on the Alur Law

well prepared the profession for this digital leap. Whirlpool However, in this Covid crisis, with many effects, the management of condominiums was greatly delayed – even frozen – during the first confinement, like many sectors of the economy. Between May and October, many trustees had to catch up with the GA that did not take place, with union councils often worried about health measures. And then, July-August do not count as normal months … If some trustees had already used the possibility of making GAs by videoconference from the first confinement, others had used the exemptions opened by the ordinances to postpone the event. Thus, a friend of mine was surprised that the GA in my building had still not taken place

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