You have all heard this adage: ” The shoemakers are the worst shod “. If the idea may seem absurd in itself, we realize that in reality … There are Honduras Email List of examples! Imagine a salesperson of household products who would arrive in your company with a very dirty car, a web designer with a visually unsuccessful presentation website… This will not make you want to initiate a partnership with these people, however effective they may be, because as they say, ” we never have two occasions to make a good first impression “.

These elements also fit into the logic of inbound marketing , where it is about bringing customers to you and facilitating this connection by “being found” by your prospects. By sharing your expertise, you position yourself as a partner of choice and gain the trust of your targets. This goes through the relevance of your words, the quality of your offers but also by a whole set of elements belonging to the non-verbal language, to your attitude.

We Never Have Two Occasions To Make A Good First Impression “.

Your image and your ability to be perceived as an expert will condition your success in a context where consumers no longer give too much credit to advertising and focus on the products they really need by taking the time to choose their providers well, taking into account multiple criteria. The idea is not to give them any valid element so as not to be chosen. Pay attention to the smile of the assistant in your dental office, impose a neat dress style on the saleswomen in your clothing store, do not recruit a paunchy coach in your gym… the examples are legion.

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If this seems obvious, we can very easily fall into the trap, because very often, when we launch a product or a service offer, all our attention is focused on acquiring the first customers. Rightly so, because these first references and first payers will make the project viable and make it possible to finance the growth of a company. Trust your customers but not to the point of asking them to ignore all those little details that somewhere sometimes say a lot about you.

When The Markentive Agency Was Launched,

we imposed a certain rigor on our own communication because we believe a lot in inbound marketing and it seemed natural to us to use it for ourselves before offering it to our clients. This saved us from falling into the ” do what I say, not what I do!” ”Like the personal finances of the Minister of the Budget Jérôme Cahuzac which were unveiled in March 2013 and which are taking an uncontrollable turn. Imagine one of your competitors highlighting one of your faults or one of your negligence by initiating a bad buzz ?!

Think about the best way to embody your expertise to put all the elements on your side and seduce the interlocutors who might cross your path, this has earned us a lot of good surprises, where we did not necessarily expect them. “ Being a well-shod shoemaker ” is thus a fundamental communication process which requires a little perspective but which can pay off big in the short / medium / long term. The trend is towards transparency and it is high time to adapt to it to gain the trust of your prospects and be noticed on all occasions …

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