On the occasion of the publication of one of our articles in Les Echos, we take Laos Email Lists of communication and the transformation of the medical analysis laboratory sector.

Over the past few years, the world of in-vitro diagnostics has been strongly disrupted by the drop in the quotation of procedures and by the new constraints in terms of quality, directly resulting from the COFRAC 15189 standard. These upheavals have also strongly impacted their manner. to communicate with their patients and prescribers. If pharmacists are today in turmoil faced with mass distribution and the possibility of selling non-prescription drugs via online stores, medical analysis laboratories have been able to adapt. What can we take away from it?

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In the past, city laboratories were satisfied with a single sampling point which allowed them to ensure their profitability. With the drop in the listing of acts, (reimbursement) the margin of these professionals has been greatly reduced, encouraging them to come together on a massive scale to achieve economies of scale. The new quality requirements have only accelerated this phenomenon, the new trend being in the technical platforms,true modern “analysis factories” capable of handling thousands of tubes per day coming from several dozen sampling points. The structures which had anticipated these regroupings are today small empires of medical biology, some of them being able to represent several tens of sampling points and weigh several tens of millions of euros of annual turnover.

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In this context, and with the pressure of competition, new practices are emerging. Groups must adopt real HR policies and are also encouraged to promote their expertise towards prescribing physicians and clinics, but also their patients. They adopt the operation of small industrialists, taking an interest in medical visits to get closer to their prescribers and improve their service offer to retain their patients. In the healthcare industry, very often advertising activities are prohibited by law.

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It is therefore for these companies to communicate in an educational wayand this sector lends itself well to it. Events on a given pathology with a conference from a doctor, visit of the laboratory and facilities, medical visit but also digital communication. Consider, for example, having a well-updated website with an informative blog for patients and prescribers, an online analysis results retrieval service, local optimization in search engines like Google …

These blogs can thus be fed with information on good practices to follow for diabetic patients, advice for women of childbearing age, tips for monitoring their cholesterol … This helps to convey a premium image for all parties. stakeholders, patients, doctors while gaining visibility in front of the financiers likely to invest in these structures. These practices also have the advantage of enhancing the work of laboratories and capitalizing on the long term.

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