Communication agencies work on the image of the company, more often on offline communication. digital agencies are the conductors of the digital Peru Email List of companies. They focused their expertise on the web by setting up a well-oiled strategy. Despite everything, traditional communication still makes it possible to reach a large audience. Let’s see what a digital agency does versus a communication agency.

The nudge should not be deceptive. It should not only serve your interests and even less when it comes to commercial interests, otherwise the risk of approaching “dark nudge”, or “sludge” is possible. A freelancer will often be satisfied to do what you ask him with more or less initiative and application, the agencies will offer you a more complete service with a real mastery of your project

What Are The Services Offered By Digital Agencies?

First requested for the development of websites, web agencies have now diversified in line with the specificities of the Internet. SEO, online advertising, social networks, user experience… Digital agencies support you in all aspects of your web strategy. Digital agencies have given birth to many new professions such as community managers, web designers and even traffic managers. Digital agencies are inspired by traditional marketing to apply best practices on the web.

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Digital agencies bring a range of multidisciplinary solutions to every problem and provide solutions for the entire customer experience, including sales and marketing, online shopping, subscription services, invoicing and delivery. . They embrace strategic thinking, technical innovation, and storytelling and brand development to achieve client goals.

Traditional Communication Agency Vs Digital Communication Agency?

For several years, traditional communication agencies have taken a back seat because of the web. However, communication tools are also beneficial for companies since they continue to be effective in reaching a large audience. Television, cinema and even displays are still proving their worth today. The traditional communication uses tools that do not pass at all by the digital . They each have their own specificity. It is undeniable that a company can not settle for traditional communication to develop its reputation, but can she bet everything on the digital ?

Digital agencies may need to combine the two to develop your strategy. For example, a web agency can create a logo and visual identity for a brand. It can also create content that can be used in the various “mass media” supports.

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