Store-Level Activities Mean That Merchants India Phone Number Can Create Activities in the Backstage of the Merchants at Any Time for Consumers to Participate In. While Platform-Level Activities Require Merchants to Register and Participate in Platform-Level Activities. the Platform Operation Creates India Phone Number Corresponding Activity Reports in the Promotion System According to the Type of Activity. Activity Reporting Is the Registration Channel for Merchants to Participate in Platform Activities. and Is a Bridge Between Merchants and the Platform. That Is. Merchants Select Suitable Products to Participate in Platform Activities Through Activity Reporting. and the Platform Operators Review the Products.

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Activity Reporting Solves the Problem of India Phone Number Manual Offline Reporting. Before There Is No Activity Reporting. Merchants Want to Participate in an Activity and Need to Contact the Operation. the Merchant Provides the Operation with the Information of the Products Participating in the Activity. and Then the Operation Personnel Will Review and Approve the Review. Items Are Added to an Activity. This Series of Work Is Time-Consuming. If the Number of Merchants Increases. It Will Take a Lot of Manpower and Time to Communicate with Each Other. Now. Through the Activity Report. the Merchants Can India Phone Number Know the Platform’s Activity Information for the First Time. and the Activity Registration Information Can Also Be Stored in the System. Which Is Convenient for Merchants and Operations to Find. Effectively Improve the Work Efficiency of Businesses and Operations. the Above Is the Description of the Activity Report. Next.

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Products with High Sales Can Only India Phone Number Participate in One Event. If Merchants Want to Participate in Other Activities on the Platform. They Can Only Report Products with Low Sales or Even No Orders. However. According to the Data. the Conversion of Products with Low Sales Is Not Ideal After Participating in the Event. and the Order Conversion Is Less Than 1%. There Will Only Be Uninterested Results. and the Event Effect Cannot Be Satisfied. Taking the Seckill Activity as an Example. There Are Hundreds of Products India Phone Number in a Seckill Session. Only a Few Products Have Orders. and the Number of Orders Is Also Very Small. Commodities with Low Sales Not Only Failed to Achieve the Effect of the Event. but Also Failed to Meet the Expectations of the Merchants. However.

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