But do you also realize that we as managers, entrepreneurs Malta Phone Number and organizations are all fishing in the same pond, which is also almost empty. And don’t say you already know that. Then why are you still recruiting in the same way as a year ago? You won’t find Malta Phone Number the sheep with the five legs, so stop looking for it! Of course, a good salary and favorable fringe benefits play a role in the recruitment and selection of new employees. But it is also about your approach Malta Phone Number and mindset . A long selection process increases the chance that candidates will accept another job in the meantime. Often people have several applications running side by side.

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You won’t find the sheep with the five legs, so stop Malta Phone Number looking for it! Today, recruitment & selection also requires a critical look at what you really need. What is need to have and what is nice to have ? Don’t look for a candidate who resembles your current top employee. And certainly not to a copy of yourself. Instead, look for people who add to your current Malta Phone Number team or department. For example, I like to keep up the speed with projects. Someone who is more into the details complements me in that area. Also read: Are you looking for good applicants now that the market is tight?

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How to color outside the lines Short-lived Pinocchio Malta Phone Number effect Not a sheep with the five legs, but then what? Emotional intelligence is just as important as skills and experience. A candidate with the will to learn may not yet have everything in-house for the Malta Phone Number role in question, but can grow to the required level in due course. A growth mindset is crucial in this regard. Not only of the candidate, but especially your mindset as a manager or entrepreneur. Compare it with the housing market: are you buying a completely renovated home that you can move into immediately?

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