Today we are offering a focus on a digital communication activity in the pharma Kenya Email List that we have found relevant and relating to a rapidly expanding pathology in the face of changes in eating behavior and the prevalence of obesity: diabetes.

The French group Sanofi is today a leading player in its digital communication, particularly through its interactions with a large community around diabetes and its treatment. As such, the Sanofi US diabetes page and the @Diabetes_Sanofi Twitter account are both followed by nearly 6,000 people.

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This commitment to the community thus grouped together continued with the launch of various collaborative platforms: DiscussDiabetes (launched in January 2011), Diabetepedia (launched in March 2012) which brings together definitions and links to clarify certain technical terms and finally The Diabetes Experience (launched in May 2012) which includes “ corporate ” content and collaborative content produced by users. If the multiplication of these platforms may seem like a haphazard strategy, it is not in our opinion. The majority of users only use a single gateway or channel to the content offered.

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This community activity enabled the group to bounce back in clothing following the scandal encountered in 2010 when a patient attacked Sanofi on Facebook complaining of permanent hair loss after using an anti-cancer drug marketed by Sanofi, resulting in a ” Bad buzz “.

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To prevent such events from happening again, the relayed content is supervised by Sanofi, the regulations are also presented in the form of questions / answers between Laura Kolodjeski, Sanofi diabetes community manager and Mark Gaydos, head of regulatory affairs for products marketed by the division. diabetes. Thus, when a product marketed by Sanofi is mentioned, its potential risks are recalled, and only the products marketed (approved on the American market by the FDA) are mentioned. This leads to a delay of around 24 hours between submission and publication of comments by users, but guarantees the security aspect of the information disseminated.

Laura Kolodjeski explains the interest of developing the social web with a community of diabetics by the complexity of the treatment of diabetes. This does not only depend on the drug treatment which accompanies it, but also on the hygiene of life which is associated with it. Providing these patients with a collaborative space or exchanging and sharing allows everyone to improve their way of living with the disease. It just goes to show that pharmaceutical groups don’t just sell drugs!

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