We all remember the advertisements about the hazelnut spread which makes children grow up with its calcium and which provides them with the Germany Email Database to have good grades in school … But in the face of increasing obesity or diabetes again, manufacturers are joining the discussion regarding food education for the general public. We note here that the agri-food brands are part of “eat and move”, “practice regular physical activity” …

The famous American beverage brand Coca Cola is a good example, and is currently deploying an international advertising campaign in this direction. Indeed, through the slogan “Unissons-nous”, “Coming together” or even “Agissons ensemble” (depending on the country in which the campaign is broadcast), Coca Cola aims to appear as an actor fighting against obesity..

Practice Regular Physical Activity”

According to Robert Fleury, Vice President of Coca Cola Canada, “Obesity is an important issue and we wanted to participate in the discussion, […] we wanted to emphasize the importance of being well informed when it comes. time to consume and burn calories ”. Through various advertising spots, the non-alcoholic beverage giant communicates in particular on the number of calories of its flagship drink, the number of low-calorie alternative drinks for its various brands, the development of small-capacity formats, or on the fact that Coca Cola was the first drink to register the number of calories of its beverages on the front of its packaging. It is also easy to imagine that it is quite easy to communicate on calories and health when the

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This international campaign began in the United States at the beginning of 2013, the first TV spot of it was broadcast on April 5 in France. For Véronique Bourez, President of Coca-Cola France “Faced with obesity, we believe in a global approach between the calories we consume and the calories we spend. Our aim is to “make consumers aware of this balance” . This statement perfectly sums up the message of the French spot broadcast where a panel of activities allowing to spend a total of 139 calories is presented, that is to say the caloric content of 33cL of Coca Cola (the equivalent of a can).

American Beverage Brand Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s communication strategy around health and the balance between nutritional intake and consumer spending is well received . Nevertheless, perhaps it would have been ingenious to add to this campaign more elements to involve the consumer more, such as online games related to balanced diets, a competition, a coordinated social media strategy …

In general, the system tends towards empowering consumers who become actors in their own health and their way of life. The role of industrialists? Sell ​​products or services and get everyone on the right track! Even if it is not selfless, these actions benefit the company and fit into a new marketing 3.0. Which we like a lot!

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