For more than 3 years, at Taiwan WhatsApp Number List we have been inviting entrepreneurs from all sectors to tell us about their entrepreneurial experience in order to promote their project and entrepreneurship itself. In 2018, we decided to go a little further by creating an event to reward the entrepreneur of the year, but even more important to make all these courageous and courageous people shine. This year, we went even further without leaving home. Indeed, the Covid 19 pandemic obliges to respect barrier gestures and therefore it was not possible to carry out the traditional price-giving evening. In its place, we hosted 4 events during the

week of June 29, all online. If life gives you lemons … At the end of the 4th event, we held the much appreciated awards ceremony with 14 competing candidates. To rediscover their adventure, visit the club website. Despite the lack of suspense during the evening, we had four winners . Yes four! A new category for an unprecedented edition, the Best Pitch, given to the most viewed pitch on our site ( see all the pitches here )! Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the applicants! to execution without defending himself against charges of treason. Every jump of technical progress leaves the relative

For More Than 3 Years

intellectual development of the masses a step behind, and thus causes a fall in the political-maturity thermometer. It takes sometimes tens of years, sometimes generations, for a people’s level of understanding gradually to adapt itself to the changed state of affairs, until it has recovered the same capacity for self-government as it had already possessed at a lower stage of civilization. (Hardy translation) And so every leap of technical progress brings with it a relative intellectual regression of the masses, a decline in their political maturity. At times it may take decades or even generations before the collective consciousness gradually catches up to the changed order and regains the capacity to govern itself that it had formerly possessed at a lower stage of civilization. (Boehm translation)


Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon Since 2017, I see in the advancement of the world a sad similarity to what is theorized by Arthur Koestler. The road to servitude. Totalitarianism. You want some ? Not me ! What to do to avoid this? Create tomorrow. Now . We have seen why and how digital technology could, like all progress, fracture society. What can be done to reduce and overcome this divide? The period that has passed with the coronavirus has been anxiety-provoking for our generations, especially since we have not experienced the violent deaths of war, and, for those under 45, have not done military service, so never

This Year, We Went Even Further

touched a weapon and never had to project into armed defense, never had to consider death as a hypothesis to consider. All this pushes us to pour tens of billions of euros into health, in addition to the hundreds that were already poured out. One sector, however a priority to avoid totalitarianism, has been neglected by this outpouring of resources: education. To avoid this great gap between those who know and those who do not know, we must train, explain, teach. To prepare for the future, we must train young people in what digital technology allows, and teach them to learn on their own to go further and follow the train of innovations which, fortunately, will not stop anytime soon. . I am not advocating the sprinkling of the

education sector with a great deal of public money, because more means does not necessarily mean more results. We have to deploy resources, explain the meaning of that, and give leads on how to go about it to those who do not see how to do it. In our transformation missions, we proceed in several ways: we bring in expertise from outside: specialists, technological experts, business experts we allow and promote the emergence and circulation of ideas and innovations within organizations The two ways complement each other: the first allows to launch a dynamic, to break with the status quo. As Canadians say: “It was not by

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