He illustrated his point by Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List market trends: the share of digital in L’Oréal’s turnover in 2020 was 26.6%, it was 15.6% in 2019 and 11% in 2018. The share of marketplaces in global e-commerce is 62%. The penetration of e-commerce in the world can be explained by the development of marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc. These marketplaces result in a fragmentation of distribution channels for brands. There are more and more players selling the same product, the same brand on e-commerce sites. Brands therefore need data to know how to manage distribution channels and in particular against unauthorized sales.

The Club du Grain Numérique seeks to promote the various entrepreneurial projects as well as the entrepreneurship itself through interviews with entrepreneurs. This 1st webinar of the 2021 edition brought together three very different startups participating in the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year competition ( here is the link to vote for the entrepreneur of the year ): Christophe Le Houedec, co-founder and CEO of Ayolab: “We are a company that provides data to major brands like L’Oréal on their distribution on e-commerce marketplaces. ” Christophe Le Houedec adds: “Ayolab intervenes to provide this data, we are able to tell a brand like L’Oréal who the players are in the various market places that sell their products,

Summary of discussions and debates

Matthieu Chabeaud explains: “The challenge for the startup is to provide actionable data that is useful for making operational decisions, particularly for employees who are on the front line on performance issues, particularly in retail with store managers who are drowned in a world of numbers. ” He continues: “The objective of AskR.ai technology, at the crossroads between Big Data and artificial intelligence, is to offer actionable data to be able to decide quickly, and to identify unusual facts that cannot be cannot see with the naked eye until these facts have a financial impact on the business. ” The technology is based on fine-mesh machine learning and conversational


knowing whether these sales are authorized or not. Our value is that we help brands understand what is happening in global marketplaces, improve their distribution and protect their brand image. ” Matthieu Chabeaud one of the 3 co-founders and CEO of AskR.ai. The startup created at the end of 2016 brings together 10 employees with around fifteen clients who are major accounts. A fundraising took place recently , that is to say that access to data is no longer made on a huge number of dashboards that are unreadable for operational staff but is made up of conversational way, it’s data assistance.

Matthieu Chabeaud one of the 3 co-founders

Laurent Le Breton, founder and manager of Eegle. The company founded in 2017 and based in Rennes brings together 9 employees in the field of the smart city or intelligent territories: “The company is involved in the emergence of collective intelligence. Often the smart city is to put a lot of technology, we intervene on the emergence of collective intelligence thanks to collaboration around data. We are ensuring that public and private actors working on the same issues of territorial diagnostics can collect data, rely on this digital capital to understand what is happening. There is an issue of efficiency to avoid losing money on projects that will turn out to be unsuccessful. ”

The platform has been on the market for a year, the company is looking for funds, a capital increase is in progress. The first public and private clients have been signed. One of the specificities of the company is that it targets small and medium-sized players in the territories: small local authorities, design offices, surveyors. You therefore need an ergonomic and easily accessible tool. Is your solution driven by the theme of Data or is it the result of a process that has led you step by step to see this theme as a central subject of your product? Matthieu Chabeaud affirms:

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