For the third Ukraine WhatsApp Number List of the Club du Gran Numérique, we wanted to be more disruptive and do what we are promoting. With our team we have created a website dedicated exclusively to the Club . You can find our entrepreneur notebook with the interviews carried out throughout 2019, the description of the candidates, their entrepreneurial adventure and of course the voting form to elect the Favorite entrepreneur, the exchange format, a shorter format, but very direct. In these videos, the interviewees were able to share their experience in person. You’ve probably watched them on our blog, but if you haven’t, they’re available on our

YouTube channel. What have they become ? For this edition, we felt a bit of melancholy. This is why we have reconnected with the former candidates and entrepreneurs interviewed so that they can share with us digital award ceremony We used to host an entrepreneurial evening where our candidates had the opportunity to pitch and discuss their experiences with the public. We had a new setup to make the evening even better. Nevertheless, the Covid-19 arrived in the form of a pandemic … Okay, this is the reinvention edition! We therefore decided that instead of getting around the problem of physical distancing “as best” as

A Notebook, A Club And A Site

possible, we would take the opportunity to create a brand new event, entirely digital ! We first decided to bring the candidates to you: several candidates have indeed prepared a video to make the traditional pitch and share it with you! The video with the most views will be awarded the prize for the best pitch . Videos are available on the club site! Then, we pushed ourselves to cross the border of an evening and rather carry out an event over 4 days! On the program: 3 webinars hosted by ISLEAN and the participation of several candidates. A final webinar co-hosted by ISLEAN and the CSOEC will take place on Thursday, July 2 where


special guests will discuss funding and investment strategy. This last moment of sharing ends with the beloved awards ceremony. Time saving, better management of customer and supplier orders, inventory management and so on. However, as we know, new standards and new tools require time to adapt, and training provided to employees to help them learn these new habits. Conclusion The points presented in this article are only part of the possible solutions to help the restaurant industry get through the COVID-19 crisis. This is why at ISLEAN, we have chosen to combine our skills in digital transformation with those of health risk management experts and doctors (microbiologists, hygienists, infectious disease specialists) to help us

What Have They Become

define the best strategy to apply in depending on the risks inherent in each establishment. For those of you who may be interested and wish to learn more about what ISLEAN can do to help you get through this crisis, I invite you to leave us your contact details by clicking on the button below.that succeeds in doing as well (or rather almost as well) as Alpha Zero since he also beat the last version of Stockfish in two world tournaments at the start of containment! The new territories of Artificial Intelligence What I take away is that the new technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data offer unsuspected possibilities and that it is absolutely necessary, on any project, on any objective of improvement or transformation, not to hesitate

to study and implement prototypes, POCs using these AI technologies. These technologies are disruptive and now easily accessible to all developer communities and even to strategy and transformation consultants, that is to say! and at affordable costs, at the very least adjustable to your needs. They surely cannot do everything, it may be complicated to navigate, but you must not avoid looking at what they can bring you.distribution of video games in streaming has proven its worth and that the system has become more professional, more and more brands are feeling comfortable associating with the content being broadcast and sponsoring the channel or the teams themselves. same. Kia motors, BMW, Redbull,

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