Was your site created with Dreamweaver or did you keep that flash intro that was all the rage 5 years ago? A check-up is required for your UX design! Always Cameroon Email list in mind that the first impression that your customers have of you is very often conditioned by the quality of your website … So, today more than ever, it is important to make your website , your best marketing ally!

In Inbound Marketing, reflection precedes action!
Well configured and supported by an effective strategy such as Inbound Marketing , your business website is a formidable weapon that will allow you to increase your visibility, demonstrate your expertise in your field and recover qualified leads. Unfortunately, the digital world is changing at a breakneck speed and it is not always easy to stay in touch with new technological and technical developments. In this sense, your site requires constant and regular efforts if you do not want it to become obsolete very quickly. So it is high time to think about improving it, or even completely redesigning it at the risk of seeing your competitors seriously outpace you.

But where to start in your digital strategy?

Before you jump right into a task of this magnitude, it is essential that you first take a step back and review the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. A clear audit will then allow you to contact a service provider with a precise idea of ​​what you want to improve. This is why we have prepared a checklist for you that will make your life much easier. By going through this list point by point, you will be able to assess the quality of your website from top to bottom, so as not to neglect any element and to start again on a solid basis:

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Accessibility  Is your website optimized for different browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc …)?  Is there a dedicated version for tablets and smartphones?  Is the author of the site easily identifiable? Navigation  Does your home page let your visitors know where they can find the information that interests them?  Is the download speed of your internal pages satisfactory?  Is your conversion path optimized? How many clicks are required before reaching your product and service pages?  Is your general navigation bar visible on all pages of your site?

Social media

Do you have a blog that is updated regularly? If so, do your articles have social media share buttons? Are all of your different social media accounts linked to your website? To understand in more detail the strengths and weaknesses of your site, it is possible to consult the many performance indicators thanks to Google Analytics. Has your audit been completed? Congratulation ! All you have to do now is contact our digital strategy agency so that together, we transform your website into a real business development tool!

Do all hypertext links direct to existing pages? Are they clearly identified (anchor text, color, etc.)? Are they of good quality? 9. Does your site have a built-in content search engine? Or is a keyword or tag cloud search available? 10. Is it easy to do something like filling out a contact form, uploading a document, or finding yourself on social media ? Since blogging has so many benefits for me, I just need to comment all the way to reap the rewards, right? YES and NO … It’s like everything: there are good and bad comments .

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