First check UK Phone Number Database List site on your smartphone to make sure it is accessible and fully functional on a mobile device. This is crucial because Google’s index is mobile-first . This means that the Google crawler uses the mobile version of your site in their index.If your website does not work on mobile, this could cause the latter to not appear in the search results. Again, the “URL Inspection” feature of Search Console will allow you to test your pages and analyze how Google sees the content of your pages.

To do this, all you have to do is copy / paste your URL in the top bar, then click on the “TEST URL LIVE” button at the top right to finally click on “DISPLAY TESTED PAGE”.You will then see on the right, how Google sees the contents of your page on mobile. If the page appears as for a human user, then there is no problem. However, if there are resources not showing / loading, Google doesn’t see the same thing as a human and needs to be fixed quickly.Google may decide not to show your site in search results if it thinks your content is of poor quality.Your site may not be accessible everywhere.

Here are some examples of content issues to avoid

Little or no text : If your pages contain little or no text, search engines may not be able to understand them.
Duplicate content : If most of your content is copied from other sites, it’s likely that Google won’t show it. It is also possible for on-site duplicate content to occur. This means that you have several pages on your site with similar or too close content. At this point, Google may decide not to display your duplicate pages.
Spammy Content : Google does not want to show “rotten” sites with spammy content in search results.It’s not just important to have high quality content to get indexed. It is also the most important factor to start ranking for popular keywords that generate search traffic.


In some cases, Google will outright penalize a website if it finds abusive behavior.This can take the form of manual action, in which case the people at Google manually impose a penalty on your domain.If a manual penalty is applied to your site, you will receive a message in Search Console under the “Security and Manual Actions” tab.Be sure to include your target keywords in your content .High quality content is essential, but it won’t get you very far if Google doesn’t understand what it is.In order for people to discover your content through Google search, you need to use the words and phrases people type into Google when they search.

search console manual action section

Make sure your keywords are included in some form or another in your title, headers, and text. Also have clear title tags and meta descriptions that accurately describe your site’s content.Titles and meta descriptions are what people see when your site appears in Google searches. If people don’t understand what your topics are about, then neither will Google.To edit your titles and meta descriptions easily in WordPress, you can again use the Yoast SEO plugin.Also, consider using keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Planner (free) and SEMrush (paid) to find popular queries that people are looking for.Not all keywords are created equal.Some keywords face incredibly strong competition, with many high authority websites trying to rank onthese.

Other keywords have little or no competition and you may be able to rank even if your site is relatively new.Typically, shorter (top tail) queries have more competition than longer sentences with more words (long tail queries).If your pages are not showing up on Google for the search terms you are targeting, it could be because you are targeting keywords that are just too competitive.Tip: If you are using SEMrush, we recommend that you focus your keyword research on the metric called “Keyword Difficulty”. This score, calculated on a scale of 1 to 100, assesses the difficulty.

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