Look closely at your website and landing pages to see if there are Cameroon Phone Number optimizations that can increase conversions. For example, consider a different color button, a shorter purchase process on the page or a different layout to make a purchase easier. User Experience (UX) trajectory. The focus is on the user-friendliness of your website. And whether there are possibilities to Cameroon Phone Number make it more enjoyable for a visitor. This often involves A/B testing the website to see which variant performs better. Customer Data Platform (CDP). With a CDP you ensure that you collect data from all kinds of different channels in order to create a complete customer profile.

Customer Data Available

In this way you can ideally respond to what he or she Cameroon Phone Number needs to make a purchase. Do you want to know more about that? Our CDP specialist Harald wrote an article on why and how a CDP works for e-commerce . Increase average order value Then I arrive at the last important factor for the turnover from the current situation: the average order value. Is Cameroon Phone Number this high? Then you are of course good per purchase. But if it is low, you would prefer to be able to capitalize on it to increase it. With this figure you can get started if you see that there are still too many missed opportunities in terms of cross and upsells. Consider, for example, the purchase of a bell, insurance and saddle cover for a bicycle.

On Your

Cameroon Phone Number

Or at a suitable side table next to a sofa or chairs. Suppose Cameroon Phone Number that within your webshop it appears that the shopping baskets are only filled with one-time purchases, but there are no cross- and up-sells. Then it is advisable to look at your options to Cameroon Phone Number increase this order value. What options do you have? Manual website adjustments. For example, your web builder can add a block on relevant pages with: ‘recommended products’ or ‘others also bought’. It’s a good start to enable cross and up-sells. Enable CDP. With the customer profiles that you compose, you can set up the cross- and up-sell blocks automatically.

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