We have already reviewed the interest of collaborative platforms for pharmaceutical manufacturers, the relevance of online patient communities or the Czech Republic Email List to improve the visibility of institutional medical information. According to a white paper published by Quintiles , the giant of clinical trials, digital communication to the general public could also improve the conduct of clinical trials.

Indeed, 90% of clinical trials are delayed due to difficulties in recruiting patients. In this context, several options concerning the recruitment of new patients in a study were tested. Mass advertising has proved ineffective with the cost of sending a patient to a specialist from a general practitioner far too high. The use of databases listing patients by pathology is also generally too expensive outside the framework of researching patients with rare pathologies.

Also according to Quintiles, historically patients have often been misinformed.

For a good number of patients, the studies have been at the origin of an increase in the quality of life through the development of new treatments better adapted to the pathologies. A privileged mode of communication between these patients and manufacturers would make it easier to communicate the results of a study and to inform the patient about the availability of the treatment he has followed. All of these actions would therefore make it possible to reduce the costs generated by the conduct of clinical trials. Thus more trials could be conducted and more new treatments would be tested and therefore approved. Here is a new example of the place of digital communication in the pharmaceutical industry, in particular via online patient communities.

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These excessive costs are explained by the analysis of the data to find potential candidates, the cost of putting in contact with the treating physicians of the potential candidates and the lack of motivation of these treating physicians who do not have the time to devote. to a clinical study. Faced with these constraints, Quintiles mentions the use of health data published on the Internet by patients around the world, particularly in relation to online patient communities. The company believes that approaching patients through these communities allows active patients to be targeted with regard to their health and to present them with an ethical study.

Quintiles advances the argument for better communication on clinical trials.

By exchanging with patients via the internet channel around clinical studies, it is possible to improve the protocol of these. Patients could thus be better informed about the inclusion and exclusion criteria of a study, and they could specify the mode of communication they prefer. The organization conducting the clinical studies could also learn about the motivation levers of patients to participate in a study or, on the contrary, understand the obstacles to this participation. A mode of communication favoring a long-term relationship between the patient and the body responsible for clinical trials would also be favorable to patient compliance.

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